I totaled Volt #187
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Thread: I totaled Volt #187

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    Default I totaled Volt #187

    Well, I'm just not having much luck with this car. My family and I were heading south on the NJ Turnpike last week when a Ford Taurus decided to veer into our lane, hit the drivers side door, push us into the right lane where we were then smashed into by an oncoming school bus! As you can see, the damage was bad and they just classified the car as a total loss. The car was leased so I'm hoping the payment process will go smoothly and I won't owe anything on top of the insurance payment. I did like the car... it's too bad it's gone!
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    Nice to see how intact the passenger compartment is after a hit like that. Everyone come out healthy?

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    Ouch, such carnage.

    I hope everyone is ok and you're able to get a replacement soon.
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    While this is bad I thank you for sharing the pictures. It does help to see how the car holds up when in a accident. Hope everyone is ok. I travel a lot in my volt with wife and two children in the back. Hope this turns out well with you and your family.
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    Everyone is ok! Except for some back and neck pain for my wife and I, it was a miracle that there wasn't any more injuries. My 3 1/2 year old son and 15 month daughter were in the back! Other than a bunch of stuff ending up in the back seats, the passenger compartment held up really well. The car is rock solid, that's for sure. I'm going to miss that car...

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    Oh my gosh! How scary is that!!?? You did not mention injuries so I trust all are ok? I have a replacement rider on my insurance, but hope to never have to use it. Very sorry to hear this. Will you be replacing with another Volt?

    What can you tell us about, well, the experience, as I don't know anyone else who has been on the inside during a crash test.
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    Kinda has that European styling, with the rear wheels at the back of the car......

    I you and your family didn't suffer any serious injuries.


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    Thank God Volt number 187 did its' job and protected your wife, 3 1/2 year old son, and 15 month old daughter
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    So sorry to hear about this. Good that the car did its job and protected you and your family. Cars, even Volts, are replaceable. People are not.

    I have to say that given you were hit by a bus this is pretty impressive protection. Keep us updated.

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    Wow that structure did look like it absorbed the energy and stood up well. Hopefully your soreness is just that and will go away after a couple days. Glad to hear your kids did well in the backseat.
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