why the engine/generator start when open the engine cover
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Thread: why the engine/generator start when open the engine cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
    Has anyone figured out how to fake the hood-closed signal so that the engine won't run?

    ... I frequently do show-and-tell events with my Volt, and in particular I am going to be doing a few of them over the next month (spring in Atlanta, ahhhhh) including one this weekend and some next next month around Earth Day. I like to pop the hood and show the engine etc. to people, but I also like to power up the car and encourage people to get in and check out the console and information screens. ... Of course, as described in this thread, if you have the car powered up and the hood up, the gas engine runs. I do not want the gas engine running, if for no other reason than that it just confuses people.

    Has anyone found the sensor that determines that the hood is shut? Have you faked it? It looks to me like the sensor is on the latch mechanism itself; if the hood's "loop" is fully engaged with the latch, then it sends the right signal. At this point I'm thinking about rigging up a handheld hood loop simulator, using a U-bolt to simulate the hood's loop coming down and engaging the latch ...

    In the attached photos you will see the piece of hardware I rigged up. It's basically just a properly shaped U-bolt with a handle. I bought a SQUARE U-bolt at the hardware store, with 5/16" shank, 2" width and 3"-4" length, and attached it to a piece of wood with the appropriate nuts. A 1/4" shank would probably work too, as would a smaller width like 1.5". Just make sure it's square and the shafts are long enough for the wood flange and handle. The picture shows what it looked like before I painted it and got a few more nuts so I could give it a proper handle, but it totally works exactly as I hoped. I'll take another picture of it this weekend when it's in service at a local auto show.

    Assembly is trivial -- buy the part described above and look at the picture

    After you assemble one of these, here's how to activate the bypass:

    1. With the car powered off (so the engine doesn't start), pop the hood.
    2. Press the hood release lever (the one that you normally work blind) to the left and insert the U-bolt down past the hook. Don't press down, just get it past the big hook.
    3. Let the hood release lever go so that the hook goes back to where it was.
    4. Now for the fun part. Hold the U-bolt firmly (this is where the handle helps) and shove down pretty hard. You're simulating the force of the whole hood slamming down. The bolt will snap into the REAL hood latching mechanism, which is heavily spring-loaded.
    5. The car now thinks the hood is closed. Go power it up and wonder at the non-running gas engine!

    In case it's not crystal clear, DO NOT CLOSE THE HOOD WITH THIS IN PLACE. And for crying out loud, don't drive the car with this in place.

    It seems inevitable that someday I would forget about the bypass being in there and drop the hood on top of it, damaging the hood. So I have a piece of red velcro tape (labeled "remove before flight") that I will keep with the bypass, and wrap that around the hood support rod as a reminder to pull the bypass out before dropping the hood.

    How to remove the bypass mechanism.

    1. Make sure nobody has their hands on or near the bypass mechanism.
    2. Pull the hood release lever inside the car. The bypass will snap out with a pretty loud bang. The heavy spring mechanism thinks it's pushing up the entire hood, after all, and the spring force will launch the thing right outta there. But the bypass mechanism won't go flying, because it will be caught by the big hook.
    3. Press the hood release lever (the one that you normally work blind) to the left and lift the bypass loop out past the hook.


    Adding to FAQ.

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