Helm In has Volt Service Manual set available again
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Thread: Helm In has Volt Service Manual set available again

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    Thumbs up Helm In has Volt Service Manual set available again

    No Volt or Bolt EV yet!

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    apparently for 2011's NOT 2012's. the 2012's seem to be available in french only. C'est l'avie

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    You can sign up for notification of the 2012 manual release here:


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    Default Maintenance Manuals

    I can confirm availablilty. I happened to check the web site last Saturday - it let me order it. No news until about Tuesday when I got an email saying it had shipped. The tracking link got nothing for a couple of days, then after another day or so it showed as a valid order, but no real status. I was surprized that this evening a big box was sitting in the kitchen. It includes three fairly thick (2 inches) books, lots of drawings.
    About 4 weeks ago I had given up on the maintenance manual being available so I ordered the "Service Infomation DVD". It might be just me, but I do not see how the DVD is useful. It seems to be for professionals doing maintenance who have to look up "service bulletins", but if that is the case then it is far from current - it was current as of about April of this year (just when my Volt came off the line). The Maintenance Manual set DOES look impressive. In fact in just a couple of minutes of skipping through it I found an explanation of the "disconnect from OnStar" rules when not contacted over an extended time frame.
    BTW, I had signed up to receive an email notification as soon as the manual was available - did not get that email.
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    Yup, I just got my copy a few minutes ago. The shipping weight was 16 pounds.

    Here's the cover of volume 2 which contains the section on the Volt's "Hybrid/EV" components.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnK View Post
    IIt might be just me, but I do not see how the DVD is useful. It seems to be for professionals doing maintenance who have to look up "service bulletins"
    Oh foo. I was hoping for *that* much money the DVD included the service manual as soft copy, in addition to whatever else they had in there.

    So is it just a bunch of videos on how to perform the service bulletins?

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    Thanks John, AZ, Jeff. I bit the bullet too and ordered a set before my conscience and/or wife is catching up with me. I'm not saving gas money by ordering all that stuff, but it's all for the greater good. And a little to satisfy my curiosity of how that thing is built. It's probably also better that I'm subsidizing a paper mill in the midwest, than a nation in that particular conflict prone area of the world.

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