Problem with e-propulsion system and battery charger control
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Thread: Problem with e-propulsion system and battery charger control

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    Default Problem with e-propulsion system and battery charger control

    My car has been performing well since I bought it in March, save for needing to get the 110 volt charger replaced last month (which I don't consider a car problem per se, but rather a charger problem). Fast forward to this morning, the CHECK ENGINE light is now on. We noticed it about a mile away after we had just left the house. So we turned around an immediately came back to the house.

    I had OnStar run diagnostics and the error codes that are thrown are as follows:

    P1E00 - electronic propulsion system not behaving as expected
    P1EBD - battery charger control not behaving as expected

    The first error code has been experienced in here in the forums.
    The second error code doesn't even show up here in the forums.

    The recommendation from OnStar for both of these codes is to have the vehicle serviced "at your convenience." The recommendation makes the codes sound relatively benign, but the description of the errors, especially the first one reads to me as get this car to the dealer *tonight*.

    From outward appearances, the car itself seems to be running fine, but like I say we did immediately turn around to bring the Volt back home, and used our other car rather than driving around with the Volt check engine light on.
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    The first code is a "generic" code that is thrown whenever there is some other facet wrong with the system, in your case the battery charger control. If OnStar said to bring it in at your convenience, I'm sure you can still use it. If there was a more immediate need, they would tell you. There's instructions they have for each and every code, and I've had a "Service immediately" code come up before.

    It may even be as simple as some Voltage swing on your household outlet. If it was something like that, the engine light may clear itself after 3 driving trips.

    Good luck, and keep us informed of how things progress!
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    Thanks for the insight. This has me wondering if it had something to do with my charger issues last month. I had to have the charger replaced twice in August. The first replacement had the same issue as the original that "broke." By broke I mean that the chargers would work fine when plugged in to the wall (but not the car). Then the red light over the exclamation mark would light up when I would plug it into the car. After a while this disintegrated into the charger itself just throwing a red light over the exclamation mark even when it WAS NOT plugged into the car.

    Mind you, this was after having no problems whatsoever (with charger or car) for over 4 months, and without adding any additional loads to the circuit in the house that the car charges on. At one point the dealer was hypothesizing that sometimes the "charger issue" I was having is actually problem with the Volt, but after replicating the problem with the charger at the dealer he went ahead and replaced it a second time.

    Perhaps these are unrelated situations, but it's strange that I had 110volt charger issues last month, which at one point had the dealer suggesting that there might be a car problem (for the record - last month when the charger issues were happening, there were no error codes that OnStar could detect). Then after that's all sorted out (and a replacement charger provided) the car itself throwing a Battery Charger Control Not Behaving as Expected error code a month later. The current charger appears to be working fine.

    In any case, I'll post an update on what I end up doing, and what was wrong with the car.
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    Resurrecting an old thread.

    Got the same two codes Sunday on my red 2011 Volt; however, I may actually have caused the problem.

    Since it was cold Sunday morning, I started the car using my key fob, which requires you to lock the car first. When we were ready to leave, I grabbed the charge handle to unplug it, and pushed the button; but then realized if I pulled out the plug I would set off the alarm. So I released the button, unlocked the car, and then unplugged the car.

    When I started the car, the CEL/MIL was on. The codes I got were the same as in the OP.

    After we got home, I plugged the car in to charge immediately. That worked fine, but the CEL/MIL stayed lit. In fact, I went through 4 charge cycles without a hitch and the indicator stayed on. Then magically, I restarted the car Tuesday at lunch (didn't charge), and the indicator is now off. I guess it just took a few charge cycles/drives to reset it.

    Anyway, I thought I would update this thread as there was no resolution to the problem identified.
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