Poll: 2011 GM stock charge cable replacement
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Poll: Have you had your EVSE replaced?

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Thread: Poll: 2011 GM stock charge cable replacement

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    Default Poll: 2011 GM stock charge cable replacement

    I wanted to get an idea of how many people with the 2011 charge cable had an issue. If you vote, can you post once about what the light indicators were doing, temps of your evse and cable, and anything else that may be pertinent?

    Please keep the discussion to the other charge cable fault thread, but do post in here so we can get a consolidated idea of what is going on.

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    I am on my third charger now. Vehicle is charging in the garage.

    First charger faulted after four weeks of use.
    Ran very hot
    Left light was green, right light blinked red
    If cooled, charger could activate (green lights both sides) and was able to charge the vehicle to full
    Would fault if left alone for an hour or two, car not plugged in
    Was probably about 100F in the garage

    Second charger faulted after 2 days use
    Ran cooler than first charger
    Left light was green, red light blinked
    Would not activate even if cooled
    Seemed like an internal circuit breaker would not reset

    Third charger running fine now. Been about 6 days.

    Also should note, tried several plugs, and also whole house surge protector is installed. Outlets test fine.
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    For completeness, this poll should include a choice that says "I don't use the stock 120v EVSE". I almost exclusively use the 240v Voltec charge station, so I don't know if my stock 120v EVSE has any problems. I would hate to be caught with a bad EVSE after the warranty runs out, but I don't want to use 120v charging either.
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    until one month ago, when i had the voltec 240v charger installed, i had exclusively used the charger that came with the car --pretty much every day. It never ran hot, never faulted, only had green lights. Haven't used it since early July.

    Stuart #2209

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    Mine went down after 3 days of use. First all the lights went on as normal, then the top two turned red and the unit shut off. then the whole thing started all over again, all green, two red, then off. Over and over until I unplugged it. Reported to GM and they sent a replacement. Cord still gets hot, buy not burning and no discoloration. Blades of plug got burned and slightly melted, But I cleaned and sanded and has been fine since. I think it was affected by hi humidity.
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    all lights green but drops connection to the car after 20-30 minutes. Sometimes the dash light is yellow, sometimes nothing.

    I have a second unit which is working fine. Plugged into same wall outlet. 240V charging at work is fine as well.
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    Only have the ability to charge at a 120V outlet at my work. I exclusively charge at work using the 120V EVSE and have not had any issues in the last 6 months. My parking spot I use is outside in the mild NE summers and is shaded for about 50% of the day from either the building in the morning or trees in the afternoon.
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    I've had no real issues with the 120v EVSE since Feb purchase. However, I have observed some interesting issues when plugging it into an outlet in my garage. I have a pre-existing convenient double duplex outlet that I use, I also use these for charging battery powered yard equipment. So the first time I plugged the EVSE into an open outlet I got the dreaded double red lights - rats, now what? After thinking about it, I unplugged the 2 yard equipment chargers (wall warts) and tried again to plug in the EVSE - ta da green lights are good! Since I still need to charge the yard stuff, I plugged them back in after the EVSE was happy and all is good. I have to repeat this every time I need to plug in the EVSE and have had no issues.

    My guess is the yard equipment chargers are creating some electrical noise that the EVSE doesn't like as it is going through it's diagnostics of the connection. Once it is happy with the connection, then the noise doesn't effect the operation of the EVSE (assuming that it is actually doing something after the connection diagnostics). I wonder if noisy electric service isn't what some others are running into with their EVSE.

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    I had to replace the 120V EVSE that came with the car in late December. For details, please see my post #18 in http://gm-volt.com/forum/showthread.php?8155

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    Hi, I have had my car since Dec 31. I used the portable charger cord at home until i received and had installed my 240 volt charger. The portable one worked fine at home. At work however it will only charge at 6 amps on the 120 circuit. On some circuits it won't charge at all, or it cuts off after only a minute or two. Is this a problem with the charge/cable or the circuit?

    I have noticed that the cord is pulled out of the "charger" a little. I don't pull on the cord at all and I didn't notice if it was that way when I purchased the car or something that happened afterwards.

    I current have around 7,00 miles on it and about 6,000 are electric. I drive about 46 miles round trip to work. I charge it at work, but because of the 6 amp v 12 amp charging I can not fully charge at work.

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