My Response to Another Political Rant
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Thread: My Response to Another Political Rant

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    Default My Response to Another Political Rant

    Gosh, the waves of political emotions in our country have become astonishing. If only we could convert the associated energy to something useful!! Here's one that I came across:

    And here's a posting that I made (one rumor was that the Volt has no air conditioning):


    I have no political leanings per se (sorry); however, I do own a Volt. I purchased it in early January, and now have driven it about 5,000 miles.

    Regardless of all its political shortcomings, the Volt is a wonderful car in every way: absolutely the best I've ever owned (including some pretty amazing cars). It is incredibly fuel efficient, using NO gas at all during daily commuting. Yet I can take long road trips, no worries, using the on-board gasoline generator and 9-gallon gas tank. This extends the range to about 350 miles. Then I just fill up and drive on, just as with any normal car.

    At all times the Volt's wheels are driven by the electric traction motor. This means instant torque at all speeds, no transmission or gears, and glassy-smooth and eerily-quiet driving. Of course the Volt has air conditioning! In fact, it has amazing creature comforts, including state-of-the-art navigation, incredible climate-control (including auto-sensing seat-heaters), 5 years of OnStar, multiphone Bluetooth, a 30 GB hard drive for music and audiobooks, etc, etc, etc.

    My prior car was a BMW 540i Sport, and I've owned other high-end sports cars as well. Don't laugh, but I like my volt better. Really. It's quicker off the line (remember, instant torque), it handles beautifully (the suspension uses Corvette technology), and it has a low mean prowling look. To me, this is one of the finest compact luxury sport sedans available today, at any price. So while $41K sounds like a lot, the Volt is worth EVERY penny.

    Look, I know that none of us are happy with our government. Frankly, I gave up many years ago and starting focusing exclusively on technology, where I can actually make a difference. Shame on me, but it is what it is.

    All I ask is that you consider NOT taking out your frustrations on the Volt. While I hate subsidies and bail-outs just as much as anyone, the fact is that the Volt truly is a GREAT new American car.

    That's all I ask. :-)


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    I read all of the comments, which reminded me of my favorite proverb-
    "Never try to teach a pig to sing; It wastes your time...and annoys the pig."

    I laud your attempts at using reason, but the haters of that sort aren't willing to listen to reason. They are more defined by what they are against, than what they are for. They are the children who plug their ears, close their eyes and scream, "I'm not listening." Remember- 2/3 of the population was not for independence from Britain. Sometimes you just plod forward and don't worry about the idiots. Don't worry. Be Happy.

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    Good job, Chris.
    Michael in New Mexico, Volt #1761

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    Well said, Chris. Some backward-thinking politicians, such as the one recently ranted about iPad chipping thousands of American jobs, just need to be sent back to elementary schools.
    2011 Volt #1158, Proud to be among the top 10 Hidden Content in Hidden Content , visit Hidden Content for my personal experience with my Volt.

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    Your post was excellent, Slap. But looking at the responses from some of the posters, it appears that making rational, sensible posts on message boards can be like shoveling you-know-what in a hurricane. But, regardless of the response from the trolls, your post was sensible and right on point. Don't stop.


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