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Thread: Hotel/Motel Charging Stations

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    Default Hotel/Motel Charging Stations

    Does anyone know of a source that lists hotel/motel charging stations. Planning a longish trip and could vary the route (slightly) to gain an overnight charge if I knew the hotel/motel had a station.

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    I am not aware of a source that focuses specifically on hotel/motel charging stations. You should just look at the various online sources that show charging stations, find your proposed destination, and search to see which hotels or motels (or nearby parking facilities) have charging stations. It's not very difficult to do.

    I have found that if you call a hotel or motel in advance and explain that you own a Volt and would like to charge it, they usually are willing to allow you to plug in somewhere for free. There are several other threads on this forum covering Volt owners' experience with charging at hotels. It seems that it is rare for a hotel to decline to allow charging.
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    But a Volt does not need a charging station for 2 reasons, the key one being a standard outlet fully charges it overnight.

    So call any hotel you want and request a plug, and please post it in PlugShare after to benefit the EV community.

    Once enough hotel plugs are seen in use, the hotel will likely take the initiative to add L2 on its own.
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    Hilton Garden Inn in Lafayette LA let me charge every night for a couple of weeks when I stayed there. I parked near the pool and they left the door to the maintenance room open for me because the plug was in the room.
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    We stayed at a Quality Inn in Heber Springs AR last spring and they let me plug into an outdoor outlet. I was able to fully charge my depleted battery both nights I was there. I also top off albeit at 8 amps at my in-laws cabin over in Mountain View.

    So call ahead, be flexible and bring an extension cord. But be mindful you may not be able to charge at 12 amps.
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    Going to San Jose,Ca from Austin,Tx later this month. Staying at Comfort Inn in Las Cruces, NM and Riverside,Ca on the way. Hope to be able to charge both nights. Will report back.

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    Most new construction Microtels have at least a handful of 110V outlets in their parking lots for customers to use as needed.

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    Marriot generally allows L1 charging at their hotels.

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    I must say I stayed at 4 different Best Westerns over weekends during this summer and each one was great about letting me charge. If they had an outlet out front of the main lobby they let me use it and if they did not have any exterior ones available they were fine with me charging from the room, even giving me a cone to 'hold' the spot in front of my room.

    Also, Howard Johnson in Mystic, CT was extremely helpful allowing me to charge out front as well.

    Not as fast of course as having a L2 installed but I thought it was great of them to not simply turn me away like some other places do. Like bazinga said, just call (or email them like I did) ahead and inquire. A manager always got back to me and I made sure to bring the email with me so if someone at the desk was unaware of what I was doing, I could just show the email.
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    Motel 6 in OR let me plug in. Not a lot of options but we found one.
    Rolled in on fumes and zero battery. It was nice to have 40 plus miles of battery the next day to find gas at our leisure
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