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Thread: New Owner Questions

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    Question New Owner Questions

    I may have missed these in the manual, so if you send me RTFM, please send page numbers (grin!)

    - Is there was way that when Turn-by-Turn instructions are given, it mutes the radio rather than just speaking over the music and making it hard to hear the guidance instructions?

    - Is there a one button push that will return you to the "What's Playing" after you are done with Nav, Energy Screens, etc...

    - Is there a way to program the car so that all four doors are unlocked with a single key fob button press?



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    Play around in your Config settings. You can adjust the Nav settings and the door lock settings. As far as one button? I just use the "back" button.

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    Press info button, then audio on the screen.

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    1. Infotainment Manual p. 63 (Navigation Volume / Background controls the degree to which music is muted. Not well-documented.)

    2. No, two is the fewest that always works. Home, then Now Playing will do it. A single Back button will sometimes do it, but only if you've clicked just one page away.

    3. Owner's Manual p. 5-57 to 5-59.

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