Finally broke 50--smashed it, in fact
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Thread: Finally broke 50--smashed it, in fact

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    Default Finally broke 50--smashed it, in fact

    Had my 13 for about three months now. I've been averaging between 43 and 48 or so per charge, and was wondering if I'd ever break 50. Today I had to drive to LA from OC during rush hour, which meant 20-40 mph for around 40 miles. I also found some trucks to draft, and it looked like I was on pace to maybe break 60! Trip back also didn't hit good freeway speeds, so when it switched to ICE I was at 57.1 miles on the charge! Hooray!

    On the bad side, since I got to the office later than usual, for the first time all four of the charge stations were taken. I'll check again after lunch.

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    If you include your model year in your signature, that would be nice.
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    I fell below 37 miles used on a full battery charge today. the over 100 degree F temperature days lower the range in the summer here, although not as much as the under 30 degree F temp days do in the winter.

    optimal range seemed to be on days when outside temp was in the 60's - 70's F; then I got a few days of 45+ miles (I'm talking about miles actually driven, not the estimate)

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