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Thread: 2 Months on the Road

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    Default 2 Months on the Road

    On July 15, we have officially owned our 2013 Cyber Grey Volt for two months. I know this has been said many times on the forum, but I have to say it again, WE LOVE THIS CAR. According to Volt Stats, we have saved 193 gallons of gas as of yesterday. Since we took delivery, we only used gas for our trip to visit the Volt factory in Detroit. We usually drive about 35-55 miles a day.

    We did add a GE Watt Station to our garage for inter-day charging after work or running errands during the weekend. This allowed us to use the car one day up to 79 miles totally EV. This may sound strange, but we moved the thermostat up 2 degrees and changed all our light bulbs in the house to LED to offset the extra electricity used to power the Volt. According to Duke Energy, we used 45 kWh less electricity this July than last July even with the car charging everyday. We should see greater saving next month because the lights bulbs just got swapped yesterday.

    GM should market the hell out of this car. It is totally awesome and fun to drive... Sorry to rant!

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    That's awesome! I've only avoided 400 gallons in 7 months, so you have some bragging rights there.

    Rant on!
    John Fields
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    Last Friday, I turned over 3 months.

    According to VoltDC, I have 'saved' 142 gallons, but, I have saved much more than that since I traded in a HEMI!

    Volt is a much nicer ride even though it's slightly slower than my last car.

    This month compared to last year was much cooler, so, I can't really tell by looking at the bill. I have about 90% LEDs in my house. An HE washer. And a SEER 16 A/C unit. My main energy problem is the house was built in 1951 and has very bad air leaks everywhere. As I remodel each room, I fix this.

    /where is 'gallons saved' on VoltStats?
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    I just love reading about the savings! Great Job everyone!

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