Oil Sucks...and it stinks...and it sinks
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Thread: Oil Sucks...and it stinks...and it sinks

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    Default Oil Sucks...and it stinks...and it sinks

    First, to pay due respect to Volt6969 and what he pointed out about diluted bitumen nearly a year ago in the thread

    I certainly know that I needed a refresher on the lunacy of pumping (or trucking or training) tar sands 'oil'. I was sent something from the Sierra Club on why I needed to write a letter to tell Obama why the Keystone XL pipeline is just so STUPID of an idea. It deserves a resurrection of the referenced thread in light of a spill BOTH by pipeline and by rail in recent weeks. And we all need to remember, when people question the sanity of our Volt ownership, that we shoot right back at them to know where THEIR oil comes from.


    So we get rid of the terrorist oil, and instead we pipe through the stuff that sinks into waterways when it hits them. We are still dealing with the bitumen that sank to the bottom of the river from the LAST spill http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress...9?OpenDocument
    And now we get a couple more to deal with. I almost threw up when I did a search and found the referenced GM-Volt and found these two quotes from the same person,

    ' I realize the oil from the pipeline has the potential for export. It doesn't mean that all of it will be. Rightfully, environmental concerns should be addressed. If they are and preventive measures are taken, we shouldn't outright deny it's construction simply because many reports suggest oil barons will benefit. It's oil...someone will always benefit & make money off of it. It's not a free product.'


    'Exactly why I said, "if environmental concerns are addressed" and "preventive measures are taken". If not, then don't build the thing. I never stated just go wild and build it yesterday. I in no way wish to have our country put at risk.'

    He who fails to LEARN from history is doomed to repeat it. Well, let the oil lovers repeat it on their own planet...oops, they have to share ours with us. You can't make this stuff safe, and our friends in Arkansas, Minnesota and Michigan get to deal with the consequences.

    I know I won't forget again what this bitumen stuff is. I hope you won't either. And I hope we all can persuade the powers that be to remember that oil can sink...even into drinking water aquifers. I am glad I collect my rainwater- from the same roof that my Volt gets its 'gas' from.

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    Nasty nasty smelly stuff

    Due to loophole, this is not an OIL spill so Exxon does not have to help clean up after themselves.
    Gee I wonder who gets stuck with the tab??


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    And ExxonMobil got the FAA to institute a no fly zone over the spill area!!!


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