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Thread: Good News and Bad News!

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    Smile Good News and Bad News!

    Bad News and Good News!

    First the bad news: I had to put gas in my volt today. Funny because I have been driving the last few days without using any gas with an indicated 35 miles of range on the gas gauge. I stopped on my way home from work and when I came out of the store and started the car, it said low fuel warning. I was parked in a (looked to me) level parking lot.

    Now the good news: I put in $10 worth of gas (2.4 gal) and that should get me at least through the summer! Got to love this car.

    More good news: I broke 50 miles for the first time today. Left for work, 60 deg. in the garage, did a pre-start. Drove 2 miles on secondary roads, 10 miles on the freeway @ 62 mph. 8 more on 45 mph highway (@47 mph) and 1 1/2 on residential streets. Outside temp. 47 deg. No heat, no fan, drove in L, radio on. On the way home I realized that I could possibly break the 50 mile barrier, and I needed to make three stops on the way home so I avoided the freeway and drove 45 mph on a state highway (hit almost every light red!). Made it home with 6 miles to spare, so I drove 30 mph up and down the street near my house until I went over 50. I didn't want to get too far from home and end up using gas! This was done without MM, no ERDTLT, no hold mode. What a great car!

    I have driven around 2350 miles and this is the first gas I have put in. Most of the gas was used during colder weather when the car went into ERDTLT mode.
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    Woop! Thats right. love the spring weather. Coming back to 500 MPG on #2147. Lost it when my one year engine burn came due. Good news for all...
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    I just don't get up early enough to do a pre-condition. I wish we could set up a routine in the config screen just like with timed charging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fotomoto View Post
    I just don't get up early enough to do a pre-condition. I wish we could set up a routine in the config screen just like with timed charging.
    I think you can add the script the windows task scheduler on a windows computer, matter of fact, I'm thinking of setting my work computer to start it for me every morning since it's always running anyways.

    Haven't tried scheduling it, but the script works for my car.
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    Awesome! Great job.

    I have had #1756 for 2 years this week and it will probably turn over 40K miles this weekend. No problems, no drama, and damned little gas, LOL. Got to love it for sure!
    B1756 "Buy American, the job you save may be your own"

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