What do you pay for electricity ?
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  • 1-5 cents per Kwh

    24 7.12%
  • 5.1- 9.9 cents per Kwh

    138 40.95%
  • 10-15 cents

    125 37.09%
  • 15.1 - 24 cents

    26 7.72%
  • 24.1-35 cents

    21 6.23%
  • More than 35 cents

    3 0.89%
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Thread: What do you pay for electricity ?

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    Southlake , Texas

    Default What do you pay for electricity ?

    Including all taxes and fees I pay 8.1 cents per kWh in our Co-op . Plans as low as 4.5 cents are available in my area . I've heard some horror stories in California , but special metering plans are available .
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    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


    Yes, I can confirm California sucks. In Virginia I paid a flat rate of around $.08/hr in the winter, and about $.12/hr in the summer (Dominion Power, they were cheap!)

    In Rancho Palos Verdes, CA , you need a PHD to figure it out SCE's bill. I pay 5 different tiers:

    Tier 1 = $.13/KWh
    Tier 2 = $.16/KWh
    Tier 3 = $.26/KWh
    Tier 4 = $.29/KWh
    Tier 5 = $.33/KWh

    The tiers are based on how many KWhs you use, and are set by a communist commission that establishes a delusional baseline allotment of KWh for each tier.

    For example, last month I only used 831 KWh, and was billed $203.25. That equates to a little more than $.24/KWh.
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    Westchester Co, NY


    Con Ed in NYC metro is close to $0.25/KWh.



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    You forgot about us solar users. Generally we buy no on peak, summer rates of $0.175. We still buy some off peak, $0.055 but not very much. Our annual consumption probably totals $300 to $400, so much better than our pre solar and pre Volt consumption of well over $5000 annually.

    If you take our total purchase monthly and divide it into our bill with fees and such it is about $0.07 kWh
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    (Not a plug-in owner)

    I voted 10-15c/kWh because the flat rate here is now 13.4c/kWh + 5% sales tax on usage over 750kWh in any monthly billing.

    But I'm now on TOU (as everybody should be *thumps tub*) billing. Off peak will be 9-11.5c, peak will be 17.8-22.5c. Supply prices will vary during the year, with prices higher in times of high demand (July, August, Dec-Feb). Supply just seems to be peak/off-peak every day, distribution has a day-time shoulder and is off-peak at weekends, so weekend prices will be a weird mix. I'll probably end up paying a bit more than on a flat fee but we'll see.

    Since we're on expensive oil heating I may ask my electrician friend to come and look to see whether we have somewhere we can put some electric heating that we can use at night. (There's no mains natural gas available here and there won't be for years, despite there being a big pipeline across Maine, but infrastructure is finally beginning to be built in the next city 20 miles away, initially large commercial/institutional but hopefully gradually expanding to residential and then hopefully they'll think it's worth it to make an early leap across to our city rather than just exhausting that area. So, I'm holding off before doing any systemic heating replacement.)

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    My rates are two tiers, 9.2 and 11.17. Depending on how many days in the billing period determines where the break point is. For example, 30 days in the billing would make the break point around 1000kwh. My rate including delivery charge and taxes is .12kwh. This does include an optional Blue Sky program charge which guarantees 100% offset by wind, solar or biomass. In my mind this is a cheaper way to go than putting up my own solar panels. The blue sky charge is .01 per kwh.

    I've had my volt since Jan. 15, 2013. When I figured out how much my bill went up charging the volt very day, from one month to the next, it when up 71 cents a day!

    Love this car!

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    Plano, TX


    If you live in Houston or Dallas, check out My Best Plan, LLC. I have a been a customer for a couple of years now and they proactively keep me on the cheapest plans available given my actual historical usage. I paid 4.7c/kWh last month which is ridiculous. I almost hate them for getting my rates so low since it make the cost benefit analysis on my new solar installation look much worse!
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    This is the Rate Schedule that we're currently under.

    When we installed our array, the portion that speaks to "Minimum Bill" was modified in our net-metering agreement. I now receive a credit for any over-production, not to exceed the Service Availability Charge - I can't have a bill less than $0.00. If my credit exceeds that charge, the excess is deferred to the next month's billing cycle - and so on...

    My last bill was for about half of the SAC with a credit for next month that exceeds the SAC.

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    Default SDG&E San Diego EV-TOU2

    Peak is extended an hour starting tomorrow for a month for SDG&E customers.

    .29 / kwh at tier 4 or
    .16 / kwh for me, blended using EV-TOU2 (off peak=.16/kwh, super off-peak = .14/kwh, peak = .26 kwh(7 days))
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    Here in Huntsville AL we pay a flat .09 per kwh. No off peak rates, but who can complain. I figured that the cost of charging my volt runs about $12 per month.

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