Volt 1.5 engine is it now made in the U.S. ?
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Thread: Volt 1.5 engine is it now made in the U.S. ?

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    Default Volt 1.5 engine is it now made in the U.S. ?

    When the 2016 Volt was going to be introduced it was stated that the new engine, 1.5 liter direct injection, would be made in the U.S., however it was made in Mexico. It was stated, if I recall, that the engine would be made in the U.S. later on.

    Is the current 2017 and the 2018 Volt engine made now in the U.S.? We have a 2016 Volt and have no problem with the engine, adequate power and very fuel efficient from my observations, now, if I had a choice I would have preferred it to be made in the U.S.

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    It should be the same engine, just from a different plant. If it had been a different engine then GM would have had to retest for EPA numbers.

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