Spy photos hint that next Cadillac SUV might have a plug-in hybrid powertrain
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Thread: Spy photos hint that next Cadillac SUV might have a plug-in hybrid powertrain

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonC View Post
    I have trouble responding to this. The CT6 is a road warrior. You want it for long drives, not trips to the grocery store. If you don't care about ACC or enhanced night vision or better performance I don't think you want a CT6 in the first place. What you're calling standard luxuries come standard on a Cruze. But if you do, then, if you add the options that come standard with the CT6 (excluding the rear seat infotainment system which is likely not a huge advantage unless you have kids), then the CT6 hybrid costs less than the CT6 which comes with those options, after tax credits.

    Forget the plug. Look at the trim levels. The Platinum CT6 is $89K and the Luxury CT6 is $66K - $69K. The Platinum XT5 is $64K and the Luxury XT5 is $46K-$53K. I'd assume the XT4 would slot in below the XT5 and, if the pricing of the CT6 holds, the hybrid would fit in the Luxury trim level.

    Not sure I'd describe an engine delivering 432 lb-feet of torque as "a little four banger". LOL
    I want the CT6 plugin for the EV-ness and the extra passenger space as the Cruze and volt are small cars, barely enough room for the family, and definitely not comfortable for long road trips. I'm old school, want to drive my own car. the ACC and automatic parking features scare me. Maybe over time I'll get over it. Decades ago I didn't like anti-brake locks (the feeling when the ABS kicks in and the car just keeps going - where you are certain you could stop faster and still have control if you didnt' have ABS) but now I'm very comfortable with them.

    As for the 4 banger comment, the CTS has a turbo 4 banger with electric boost. You can't tell me it's a V6 or V8, it has 4 cylinders. I know, it performs like a V8, but I'm affectionately calling it 4 banger. All they have to do is put this drivetrain into an XLR or something even more exotic (alike the NSX or FORD GT) and add AWD and I'd be in seventh heaven. Similarly, I'd pay good money for CT6 mode in my volt, just spit in this different software and give me ice and electric combined HP for increadible 0-60 times.
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    What I'm wondering is if a powerful plug-in hybrid powertrain is used in a Cadillac, how much longer before we see a more mundane plug-in powertrain in the Equinox? An Equinox with a Voltec transmission coupled to a normally aspirated 1.8 liter ICE as in the Malibu Hybrid but with the larger Volt battery could be a pretty sweet vehicle.

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