17-NA-169 Steering Wheel Controls Intermittenly Inoperative
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Thread: 17-NA-169 Steering Wheel Controls Intermittenly Inoperative

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    Default 17-NA-169 Steering Wheel Controls Intermittenly Inoperative

    Some customers may comment that the steering wheel controls are intermittently inoperative
    malfunction indicator lamp MAY illuminate with DTC U1510 stored

    CAUSE: Possible software anomaly

    CORRECTION: Reprogram the Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC module) with the latest calibrations available in Service Programming System (SPS)

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    Thanks for this, WOT. I think that my son's 2016 may have suffered a mild case.

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    There are no 2016 Bolts, right?
    Jerry, Fresno, California
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