FS: Bolt left foot rest/carpet protector/dead pedal
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Thread: FS: Bolt left foot rest/carpet protector/dead pedal

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    Default FS: Bolt left foot rest/carpet protector/dead pedal

    I'm offering my latest Bolt project for sale - the Bolt carpet protector footrest dead pedal.

    The issue is that the carpeted left foot rest in the Bolt quickly gets dirty, and don't even ask about the pine needles the carpet absorbs - way beyond vacuuming - you need tweezers.

    So the solution is a sturdy black 3D-printed ABS plastic foot rest cover, about 1/8" thick, so it doesn't raise foot placement much. It's designed with non-slip nubs, to match the brake pedal cover on the Bolt.

    Installation takes 10 seconds; just place it on the carpet and press a little. It won't move around, because the back side is completely covered with 4" wide Velcro hooks. It is easily removed, if ever: just peel it off the carpet, with nothing left behind.

    I'm asking $30US, which includes USPS Priority Mail to US addresses only. PayPal rwzehr @ gmail(dot)com

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    Nice idea! I will check my 2009 Chevy Equinox and measure if it can fit. Do a study to see if this is effective for other GM models that have only the molded carpet left foot rest.
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    Where was this 18 months ago. I bought a 2016 Equinox LTZ and one of the first things I noticed was that there was no plastic protector on the dead pedal. That area started showing wearing within a few months and I'm a "tread lightly" owner.

    If this will fit other cars (and I guessing it will) you could be a busy man.
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