Glove Compartment Acts Like Trash Compactor
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Thread: Glove Compartment Acts Like Trash Compactor

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    Default Glove Compartment Acts Like Trash Compactor

    Irritating little problem: I use my glove compartment daily to store documents and travel log. When I close the glove compartment and open it later, the contents of the glove compartment have been tossed forward into the wiring. I am required to reach forward of the glove compartment shelf and pull my documents out of a tangle of wires. Did anyone else experience this problem and come up with a solution?

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    I have one of those "back of the seat" organizers that I use for my commute days.

    Very much like this one

    I used to have one that sat on the seat like a bucket, but after the second time if flew off during a hard braking I got tired of picking everything up off the floor
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    I think the only good use for the glove compartment is for the owner's manual and a pair of gloves. Though it surprises me with how deep the dashboard area is, why cars won't have much bigger glove compartments. I wedge my papers above the driver's side sun visor, but then my wife invariably gets a lap full of papers and mail when she borrows my car as she uses the sun visor as a sun visor and not a paper storage location.
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    If there is no way to "fix" the glove compartment dump truck mechanism, I suppose that I can use the storage area on the driver's side door for my mileage log. I do not understand why a glove compartment was designed with no rear panel to contain the contents of the area.

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