Chassis rattle or knocking sound?
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Thread: Chassis rattle or knocking sound?

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    Default Chassis rattle or knocking sound?

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced a chassis rattle or knocking in the gen 2 volts?

    We have a rattling or a knocking sound on occasion sometimes we hear it when we go over a rough road or bumps. It sounds like it is coming from the undercarriage or frame. Almost sounds like a big bolt knocking or rattling around.

    Maybe a shock or strut?

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    Are you certain it's not coming from the rear hatch? Many have reported rattling in the back end and that is often easily fixed by fiddling with and twisting the rubber stoppers to stop the rattle. But if you are convinced it is something in the suspension, take a careful visual look and quite possibly take it into the dealership as you don't want to ignore it. I had a broken front spring in my CTS once. It made a clunking noise until I replaced it. But a loose tie rod or control arm can be very dangerous.
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