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Thread: Phonebook update failed

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    Question Phonebook update failed

    2014 Volt
    Pixel Phone running Android 7.1.2

    After pairing via bluetooth the phone and allowing the phone to share everything with the car my volt keeps prompting me with "Phonebook update failed".

    Has anyone else encountered this problem before, does anyone have any suggestions on resolving it?



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    Most Bluetooth pairing issues can be resolved by the following steps

    Delete phone from car
    Delete car from phone
    Reboot phone
    Restart car
    Following documented pairing process

    Last resort end-user has is resetting the phone and doing the aforementioned steps

    If it still does not work, try using a different phone with the vehicle. If that phone also has the same issues, then take the car to the dealer and request service. You can tell them you tried all other options and strongly believe the issue is with the car.

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