Intermittent cruise control problems
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Thread: Intermittent cruise control problems

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    Default Intermittent cruise control problems

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced the cruise control being nonfunctional on occasion.

    Most of the time it works - but sometimes we try to turn it on and it won't work. It seems often that this happens when it is either wet outside, or during rain. A few times when we went over bumps like rail road tracks, it shut off.

    I am wondering if this is a software problem or related to the traction control…is the cruise control sometimes supposed to shut off automatically due to road or weather conditions?

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    Do you have the adaptive/radar cruise control? There's a thread in this forum about problems relating to the brake pedal.
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    There is also a thread that talks about wiping down the window in front of the camera and the front radar cover.

    I noticed an odd one the other day. Highway, raining (sometimes hard), ACC was fine. I wanted to change the gap down from 3 to 2, and missed, so went around again (probably should have turned ACC off first). Then ACC dropped out for about 10 minutes as unavailable. Could have been a coincidence, or maybe a software glitch.

    It is too bad that there is no way to drop from ACC to CC if ACC is unavailable. GM may be worried that ACC users will forget and drive into the car in front.

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    I've had my LT for a week and have experienced this. CC failed to set a couple of times the first half of the week but has been fine since. I use CC every day. Rainy day today and it is working fine.

    I've read elsewhere that a faulty brake switch could prevent CC from setting. Maybe my switch was a bit sticky and now has worked itself out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nadsab View Post
    A few times when we went over bumps like rail road tracks, it shut off.
    That is normal (according to the manual) if your traction control kicked in on the bumps.
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