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Thread: Grille touch up

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    Default Grille touch up

    Got lots of chips on the grille any suggestions on fixing them ? TKIA

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    1. Ignore
    2. Spaz Stix over gloss black
    3. Have the grill wrapped in chrome vinyl
    4. New Grill

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    Plastidip. You can change the color to whatever you want. Then if you're bored, you can dip right over it or peel it right off so you can do it again or return to the original color.

    I once dipped my grill in silver torquoise chameleon which color shifted between purple and turquoise. I later dipped it in black, so my white diamond tricoat looked like an imperial stormtrooper. I'm going to try white with dip pearl next to see ihow close I can color match the original white diamond tricoat, for the grill, lower rockers and maybe even the under window black area. Then the side chrome will be plum crazy.
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    I have the PERFECT solution !

    Look at my post under GM-Volt Classified, FOR SALE, at the bottom of our Blog Site,,,posted tonight, 15 April 2017.

    I have just responded to a gentleman in Texas who was unsuccessful in reaching me recently.


    (Pictures are included on the original post which I copied and attached below but I'm not sure the pictures will show up, so search under the original title in the broad,,GM-Volt Classified FOR SALE section at the bottom of the Blog site,, to see pictures.)

    I have a grille and the matching hood trim for the 2014 Cadillac ELR. They are used but in LIKE NEW condition and are in GM shipping containers/boxes.

    The MSRP on the grille from GM, Part # 22887925 (with adaptive cruise control) is $1,250.
    The wholesale price is $855.
    I will sell it for $400,,,you can pick it up in Santa Monica, CA, or pay for shipping.

    The matching hood trim is likewise, used but in LIKE NEW condition in GM shipping container/box.
    The MSRP on the hood trim, GM Part # 23444265 (molding) is $155.27.
    The wholesale price is $107.13.
    I will sell it for $45.00. Pick it up in Santa Monica CA, or pay for shipping.

    ON one hand, I hope no one needs these body parts but on the other, if you do, than this grille and hood trim will save you some money.
    Note: click on the photos to convert to full page size.
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    Wish you were on the east coast. Check shipping to 29527. Just need the grille. I have a vinyl wrap place down the street might stop there and check it out.

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