Testdrive in a Diesel Cruze
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Thread: Testdrive in a Diesel Cruze

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSonnentag View Post
    In other words, your emissions system was broken, so you took it out. No Diesel truck gets that poor fuel mileage. Even my longbed dually with intact DPF and urea system gets 20 mpg and 13 mpg when towing.
    I doubt it came broken.

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    As we currently have a 2014 Cruze Diesel, one of the '17s was certainly under consideration for my vehicle before I decided on the Volt.

    If the 2018s were out, and I could get the hatchback, as well as one trim level higher, I'd be in a Cruze Diesel hatch right now. But the '17s are only available in an LT sedan configuration.

    Our '14 has been a great car, and easily surpasses the EPA mileage figures, especially once you put it on the freeway. We visited my in-laws last spring and made it from our house to Zebulon, NC (just east of Raleigh) without stopping. I filled the car up a couple days after arriving at 750 miles on the tank. And that was with the trunk absolutely packed.

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