Consumer reports gen2 volt reliability
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Thread: Consumer reports gen2 volt reliability

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    You are right Qinsp. I should be careful with my terms. I changed "recall" to service bulletin in my original post.
    One of those times, the dealer actually called me and said I should come in immediately to take care of the bulletin or I run the risk of being stranded. I think "recall" is used only for obvious wide spread safety concerns. Being stranded is not a safety concern per se, so they can avoid this term fortunately.

    My main point is that given all the reading and personal experience, I was not surprised by the Consumer Union deciding not to endorse the g2 Volt with the coveted "recommended" status. I hope the Volt wins back their vote of confidence soon.

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    There are over 20 stickies in the problem section...
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    Consumer Reports data on car reliability is demonstrably useless. No idea why anyone bothers with its junk surveys. A few years ago Toyota had serious issues with its cars. So many serious issues that insurance companies were contacting NHTSA and telling it that it needed to investigate. What did CR show? Absolutely nothing. No idea how they collect data or whom they collect it from, but when every insurance company in America sees huge issues and CR sees nothing, you can be confident its surveys aren't measuring anything real.

    I greatly prefer TrueDelta. You get the raw numbers and, if you like, you can drill down and find out exactly what was fixed. On TrueDelat the only MY Volt that gets low grades is the 2016 MY, and that is not available to the public because of a small small sample size. Other years are good to great. This includes the 2017 MY, which has a reported 8 problems per 100 vehicles.

    Quote Originally Posted by paul2pilot View Post
    I have been reading the posts here for about 12 months (since I bought my 2017) and I was disappointed for many months to see so many folks having a litany of issues.
    This is really what happens when you have a biased sample size. As noted above, TureDelta shows the 2017 MY as having 8 problems per 100 vehicles. That is about as good as it gets. (The 1026 MY Corolla has more). However, when you have thousands of members, and members who have problems post about those problems, you end up with "a litany of issues". I don't see any serious systematic issues with the second generation Volt after GM fixed the engine issues and software with the 2016 MY. That's not to say owners won't have serious problems, but I don't think the numbers suggest a major problem.

    As an example of how sample bias works, with the first generation there was a problem with a small number of ball cages. The car would sound like a table saw when you hit the brakes. Based on postings, and ignoring background numbers, some forum members were convinced the failure rate was in excess of 10% or 15% (the fact that the repair wasn't always properly done -- necessitating a second repair -- didn't help). Turned out the rate was something .01%.
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    Quote Originally Posted by srs5694 View Post
    The detailed CR reliability data for the 2016 Volt shows the worst problems with:
    • Engine Minor
    • Body Integrity
    • Audio System
    Guess they were surveilling me.
    • Rough engine in EMM
    • Rear hatch closure adjustment
    • Infotainment going wacky
    All fixed now. If that's the worst that happens, I'm a happy Volt owner.

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    The more telling number in their ratings is the Owner Satisfaction, the Volt rate #1 with a 90% of owners saying the would buy it again, the Prius comes in at #2 with 89, the Prius V is at 76% and the Prius C is at 75%.
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    I love my Gen 2 but it's seeing a lot of shop time. It took 5 appointments to resolve an issue with the parking brake. Today is day 9 in a row for a CEL/Sabilitrak/ABS light combo which appeared out of nowhere while driving down a highway. I'm told it's not a specific to Volt issue but I am wondering why it's taking so long to rectify.
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