Hook phone to external antenna
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Thread: Hook phone to external antenna

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cord View Post
    R. Goldberg here :

    Take a long stick and duck tape an iPhone to the end
    order a set of Apple wireless bluetooth airpods (wait 6 weeks)
    then hold stick up in the air and make phone calls. :-)

    For extra credit use a kite or a balloon.

    Thinking llninja my be one of the few that got his BSA radio merit badge.

    Better yet, just duct tape the iPhone to the volt's antenna... no need to hold the stick. And it is technically what the OP wanted to do, hook the phone to the external antenna.

    As for the BSA radio badge, nope. I managed a bunch of electrical engineers who used computational electromagnetics to create a radar simulator for the Air Force. They fully understood maxwell's equations and fast Fourier transforms. I only understood enough to be dangerous.my graduate school work built a way to visualize this in 3D on a quarter million dollar SGI workstation which today can be easily done with a PC and a decent 3D graphics card. So I also managed a bunch of computer scientists who loved and understood OpenGL and 3D graphics. I could tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you.
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    "what kind of mental problem do you have? you should really get yourself checked out, are you on any type of psychotropic medications?
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    I got a device from T-mobile that plugs into the OBD port on pretty much any car that has the port. I get 4G LTE on any wifi device in the car. Not sure if range is any better than a good cell phone, but doesn't seem like what you are wanting to do is worth it vs. something like I purchased.
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    Quote Originally Posted by werdup View Post
    ..... Also would be nice for that antanne to do more than let OnStar spy on me
    Bwahaha... Now Onstar is even more interested in all the things you do and say while in your '14 Volt.
    You let the car out of the bag.
    Your only hope for privacy now is to sell the Volt and by a car without a cell connection built in.
    And don't forget to remove the battery from your cell phone too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edk-austin View Post
    There is also a difference between Canadian Volts and US Volts. US 2011-2014 have 2G Verizon, while CD 2011-2014 have 2G AT&T. AT&T has already terminated the service, while Verizon keeps it active till end of 2019. Ford had AT&T 2G service in the US, and has already updated those cars (or offered to). Not sure what GM will do with 2014 and older Volts in 2019. Note that when GM introduced 4G LTE in 2015, the antenna definitely did change.
    Probably they'll do what they did with the Canadian Volts: update the hardware in the vehicles of people that agree to keep up their subscription. Might mean paying full price for a year, but I get that level of fun out of having VoltStats work, so the difference won't be critical for a year.
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    I know the external antennae was not changed in order for us to get 4G and the 4G LTE enabled internet access in our MY2012. The actual upgrade must be pretty plug and play. Apart from waiting months and months for the kit to arrive, we were in and out in about the same time it takes for a oil change. Radio and phone presets were lost, but I don't think the dash even got taken apart. My wife uses it when we are travelling (just spent a month and a half in Florida - works great).

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    This appears to be the best option for improving cell reception. https://www.amazon.com/weBoost-Drive...p_ob_title_wld

    I have a house one that works great, not quite ready to pull the trigger on this.

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