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Thread: 2015 Volt Advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fourdoor View Post
    correction: Couldn't be fixed to the satisfaction of the owner.

    There are some people out there that would drive a 1G Volt at 85/90 mph all the time, and then take it back to the dealer multiple times for a "defective battery" since they don't get 38 miles of range... that is just one example, some owners hear a phantom noise that nobody else hears, or some other BS complaint... when they encounter things like this sometimes a dealership will give up and buy back to get them to go away. Other times their really IS a defect that they can't seem to track down and get ride of.

    Unless I was firmly convinced that a real problem existed that was fixed, or that the original owner was a nutbag (or suffered from buyers remorse and pulled a scam to get out of the vehicle) I would not purchase a car that had lemon fresh scent

    That's not exactly how it works. In order for it to be a repair attempt parts need to be installed on the car. That was written so dealers would have to admit there was a problem and scams wouldn't be successful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garyg View Post
    As a former service manager most of the lemon law cars were non-issues but once the owner had latched onto this path, it is just easier to just go along with them. Although I am sure some had serious issues. But I would think that the issues were resolved before they were resold.
    Interesting information. I assumed this was the case but nice to get confirmation.

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    Are these listed as a "manufacturer vehicle"--just curious how you got the information. I definitely would want the GMVIS report--lots of useful information. You should get it and have us all take a look.

    Just took a look at CA's lemon law--besides the "serious" issues, there are two other ways to make a car a "lemon" in California:
    (2) the same problem has been subject to repair four or more times by the manufacturer or its agents and the buyer has at least once directly notified the manufacturer of the need for the repair of the problem as provided in the warranty or owner's manual or (3) the vehicle is out of service because of the repair of any number of problems by the manufacturer or its agents for a cumulative total of more than 30 days since delivery of the vehicle. https://oag.ca.gov/consumers/general/cars

    I can tell you from personal experience that having a low volume vehicle can make a 30-day "out-of-service" time very possible. There are sometimes just issues with getting parts, even if it's a minor problem. And the way this is read--it's cumulative, which means just a couple of repairs that took more than a couple weeks each could possibly trigger this right. An angry customer could very well have exercised this.

    Either way, get the information on repairs and also make sure the dealer knows you're VERY concerned about this history--and demand a corresponding discount in price to help quell your unease.
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