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Thread: My Carvana Experience

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    Default My Carvana Experience

    I have been trying to buy a Volt from Carvana for the past 3 weeks or so.

    I like their business model...but the best model still needs to be executed. So far, I have come up empty.

    My first experience was just "one of those things".

    The car was damaged by the transport driver, and after two weeks of effort, I was back to square one.

    I quickly found another 2014 (just added to their "In Demand"), same color, but with 11,000 fewer miles (21k) and also with a back-up camera and heated seats...all for an extra $1k. I reserved it.

    10 days later I get my 2 day preview via their 360 degree tour which according to Carvana "lets the buyer know exactly what they are getting". All chips, scratches, scrapes etc are annotated and shown via close-up photos.

    This car only had 3 very minor flaws noted: a couple very small chips on the front edge of the hood, a small scratch ahead of the left rear wheel well, and several small, light scratches on the spoiler.

    I mashed the "Continue with Purchase" button.

    The car arrived today for pick up. Once I was within 15 feet of the car I thought, this cannot be the car I purchased!

    The 3 small noted flaws did not represent even 5% of the damage to the car. It had quite a few chips, abrasions and scratches all around the vehicle, virtually all of them more significant than the 3 noted. The upper part of the driver side doors had so many scratches it looked like someone with a rodeo buckle had rubbed that buckle for and aft along the doors...there had to be several dozen small (one inch) scratches running every which way. It also appeared as though someone had tried to buff them out but gave up. The paint all around this two foot by 3 inch area was dulled.

    The vertical section of the rear hatch had 3 significant abrasions that looked like someone had opened the hatch and it contacted the inside of the closed garage door (oops...I guess there wasn't enough room). Numerous other repaired chips and unrepaired scratches and abrasions.

    I was VERY disappointed in the condition of the car and declined to purchase on the spot.

    So now, after 3+ weeks, I am back to square one.

    I spent a half hour on the phone with Carvana Corporate this afternoon, giving them an hones assessment of the failure of their system in this instance.

    Of course they were very apologetic...but I had to tell them that at this point I am so gun-shy I don't know if I can give them a third chance.

    I promise to update this post as any new developments arise.

    I really wanted to give this method a seems like a good model. But honestly, the 5 cars I've purchased on Ebay were more accurately described than this Volt.

    I hope this was not indicative of how they execute in general.


    2/18/2017 - Slated to pick up Volt #1 today...2015 Crystal Red

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    I just purchased my Volt from Carvana last month. My experience was the opposite of yours. Honestly, I've had purchases on Amazon that were more of a headache than it was to buy this car.

    I had been burned by a local dealer selling a car out from under me while I was in the process of signing papers on it (long story, but let's just say that the salesperson really dropped the ball), so I started looking online. My brother had purchased his Chevy Traverse from Carvana about a year ago and picked it up from their giant gimmicky car vending machine in Nashville, where he lives. He was very happy with his experience.

    I was specifically looking for a Volt with leather, and I happened to find a 2014 on their site that was in my price range and in the color I wanted. It had just come off lease in Florida. It was listed as having cloth seats, but the carfax indicated that the dealer had installed leather about a month after it originally left the lot, so I think they had actually priced it a bit too low, as their pricing is based on KBB. There were a few minor flaws and scratches noted, but nothing that looked like a deal-breaker. I pulled the trigger and used a $500 referral discount that my brother gave me, which actually priced it cheaper than I would have paid at the dealer for the other car I was going to buy.

    I opted to have the car delivered. It would have been close to $800 to have it delivered to my house west of Detroit. My parents live about 90 minutes away in northern Ohio, and I found that it was free to have it delivered to their house, as it fell within the 100-mile free delivery radius of their new Cleveland office. They showed up exactly when they said they would. They unloaded it, and I did a visual inspection. I didn't see any flaws that weren't listed in the photos online, so I took it for a 20 minute test drive. I only wish they had charged it before they brought it over, but the rep said that it had only arrived in Cleveland that morning, so there wasn't enough time to get it charged with the L1 charger.

    We signed the paperwork, which took about 15 minutes, as I had already filled most of it out online. They gave me a bag of carvana-branded goodies (travel mug, candy, sunglasses, etc.) and told me that I had a week to return it if I wasn't happy, no questions asked. Then I drove it 90 miles back home. No issues with it so far, and I'm extremely happy with how everything went. I really can't see myself wasting time jumping through hoops in a dealer showroom again.

    BTW, if you do decide to go through with a purchase through them and you don't already have one, I've got a $500 referral discount code I can send you.

    I'd post some pics, but my post count is too low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmtunate View Post
    BTW, if you do decide to go through with a purchase through them and you don't already have one, I've got a $500 referral discount code I can send you.

    I'd post some pics, but my post count is too low.
    Thanks, but Carvana doesn't honor the coupons in Texas...I tried!

    2/18/2017 - Slated to pick up Volt #1 today...2015 Crystal Red

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    Beepi, which is identical, just folded, after seeing how much more ($7000ish) they offered me for my Acrua than CarMax, I knew there was no way it could last...Acura was fairly smooth, they communicated well...I had an inspection for my Volt and used their offer to have someone else beat them...The process this time around from start to finish, this was last July, was severely broken, nothing happened without you contacting them first...Even to get my appraisal was took multiple phone calls and it took a week...
    Former MY17 LT w/ used homelink mirror owner
    Dear GM, thanks for offering ACC on the Volt, now let's give it 7.2kW charging & a garage door opener...

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