Smart phone app for tow sharing
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Thread: Smart phone app for tow sharing

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    Default Smart phone app for tow sharing

    Hi again friends! I've heard of this Uber thing for quite a while now, but I only recently got to use it. I installed the app on my phone and they gave me my first ride free and it was really cool. So I got to thinking about a really great idea.
    What if there was an app for bigger trucks and large cars to tow our smaller volts? These trucks are going one Direction anyway .They could meet up with us and hitch us up and pull us for a certain period of time. Since they're going there anyway why not? Some of them just might do it for free, and others might have a predetermined price we could both agree on.
    I'm not really tech savvy to invent this app but maybe some of you here want to take this idea and run with it? This could be the next really big social media idea and great for our mileage and the environment. What do you think?

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    OMG! Where to start.

    They aren't pulling anything for free. I would charge anyways to cover insurance if it got injured in my care. Also, where is the driver of the car going to go?
    Science today has been hijacked somewhat by people who put blind faith in the findings of some of the most politically vocal scientists. Science should be thoroughly and continually reviewed, debated, updated -- and contrarian views welcomed! Much of what passes for "science" today is not directly measurable by the "scientific method" but is instead a bed of assumptions based on more assumptions -- highly debatable.

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    My truck gets 19 mpg alone, but only 13 mpg towing. That extra fuel adds up. My truck rarely goes anywhere unless I'm towing anyway though. Towing is it's sole reason for existing.
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    This guy must have a lot of free time for really dumb ideas but not really thinking about how it would actually work. This idea is really really dumb.

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