Door panel removal- instructions needed
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Thread: Door panel removal- instructions needed

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    Default Door panel removal- instructions needed

    I'm in search of the instructions for removal of the inner door panels. I know where the clips are, as well as their part numbers (& the need to replace those that are single use) but I cannot locate the actual instructions.
    Thanks in advance

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    Not too hard actually, but a couple tricks to know: Best to obtain a plastic panel spoon for prying off the door panel. It'll avoid scratches on the door paint. I didn't ruin any clips removing both a front and rear panel. There is a little plastic cover behind the inside door handle. Look carefully and you'll see the upper rear corner has a slight gap. This is so you can get a pick in there and pull it off without leaving marks. There is a bolt behind it you have to remove. Next there are two bolts under the little rubber mat at the bottom of the armrest pull. Then snap the clips loose around the panel. The panel lifts up to unhook from the window area. Door pull is a cable you have to release to get panel off. Speaker wires and window switches unplug. You don't have to remove the window switches to remove the panel. Good luck!
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    Thank you sir!

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