What a Difference Temp Makes to EV range...
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Thread: What a Difference Temp Makes to EV range...

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    Yes a Bolt probably is a better fit for daily use except it won't do my weekend trips. About 300 miles each Saturday. I do really like ev, but batteries need to be bigger.

    An ic engine energy goes roughly into thirds, 1/3 produces power, 1/3 waste heat radiator and 1/3 waste heat exhaust.

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    I get mid 40s EV range when it's below 45-50 *F, and mid-high 50s when it's 55-60. The efficiency curve is incredible...a few degrees Fahrenheit can affect your range by 5 miles or more.
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    Not to start a debate but from everything I've read it's more like 3:1 even for a very efficient engine.
    That was once true, but it's a bit pessimistic in the era of direct injection, EGR, and miller cycle engines. If by "very efficient engine" you mean the current automotive record holder, the gen IV prius, than the actual ratio is 1.5:1.

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