Reduced Range and usable only 9.9kWh usable after Recall 16055 applied
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Thread: Reduced Range and usable only 9.9kWh usable after Recall 16055 applied

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    Default Reduced Range and usable only 9.9kWh usable after Recall 16055 applied


    Yesterday I brought my 2016 Volt in for the recall 16055 “Propulsion Power is Reduced”. I noticed today that my max kWh used before the ICE starts is now much lower. I used to get about 50+/- miles and 13.9kWH (since full charge) used before the ICE would turn on and battery showed empty. Today it only went 37miles and 9.9kWH (since full charge) before the ICE started due to battery empty?? Has anyone seen this? On the Dealer Invoice it states "Recall 16055 Programmed HPCM2 for Recall. Relearned Batt Capacity and coolant Valve"

    Could they have relearned a Lower capacity? Or entered a wrong value?

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    Not sure if Gen 2 is similar, but on Gen 1 if the "relearn" procedure was not performed to exacting standards, the Volt has to "relearn" on its own the correct SOC for charging and depletion. In the meantime, it will default to "safe" values that are way more conservative than normal. This takes several (perhaps 10--WOP knows the full amount) complete charges and discharges before it will start getting back to normal.

    My advice is to make sure you deplete the battery fully after a full recharge and avoid partial charges for at least a couple weeks. If it doesn't start creeping up to normal, time to take it back.

    Also, I think another Gen 2 owner had a similar issue after the recall, so you may want to look for that.
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    Thanks, all I was coming up with searches are post on MPGe being better after the reprogram, or mileage dropping due to cold weather. I have a 78mile round trip so draining the battery each time won't be a problem. We'll see what happens.

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    It's an automated process so the possibility of an errant number making it's way into the update is slight. Just keep an eye on things. It's quite possible the update simply returned all the values to their default and it will take a few cycles for the car to factor in your driving cycle.

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    It's probably due to a reset from the recall. See my post in the recall thread.

    My Volt appeared to have lost 2kWh of battery when in fact the 2kWh I consumed driving it to the dealer was zeroed out. Upon completely draining the recharging the battery, I got my 14kWh capacity back and it's corroborated by my standard commute during same weather: the % EV miles was still the same before and after the recall so my EV capacity was back to normal.
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    I didn't notice any difference after the upgrade involving EV miles, but I did have to change some settings back to my preferences. However, I did notice one odd occurrence. The first day, I no longer had the "three flash" lane change function on my turn signals which I use a lot on expressways. I checked the manual, but there was no setting to change it as there is on my German cars. Then a day or two later the "three flashes" came back. Since it's now working, I'm not going to worry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by O'Dell View Post
    I didn't notice any difference after the upgrade involving EV miles, but I did have to change some settings back to my preferences.
    +1 after recall done to my 17.
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    It appears that they're also needlessly recalling cars that already have the updated program. Mine was one of them...
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    Mine too. It was built in June 2017. I never had any trouble with it and noticed no difference after recall applied.
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    What settings?
    Quote Originally Posted by BAZINGA View Post
    +1 after recall done to my 17.
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