Bolt Standard received on 12/31/16 - 1st review
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Thread: Bolt Standard received on 12/31/16 - 1st review

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    Default Bolt Standard received on 12/31/16 - 1st review

    Received my Bolt on 12/31/16 which I would bet would make me one of the first few owners in CA, and so far the Bolt is a pretty good vehicle.

    Although, I would NOT recommend buying the standard version. Just upgrade to the Premier.

    The standard version is quite standard, and if you are used to any luxuries, this IS NOT anything more than basic.

    Before purchasing the car, we asked if it had NAV, he looked at the screen being large and said both versions include NAV. He also said both versions come with a top of the line stereo system. He said the ONLY differences between the standard and Premier is that the Premier has leather and a lot more safety features. (I know it should be the buyer's due diligence to check these things before leaving, but......a 10" screen with no Nav? Really?)

    Since the vehicle just came in that morning, and was getting cleaned to sell, we just got to sit in it and drive it in the parking lot. (no Nav needed, and just the radio on basically)

    Now that we have the car, tried to find Nav, and now they state that they never said that, and that the only Nav is Apple Play, which is a Far Cry from Nav with Traffic, which we have on all other vehicles. And the stereo really is pretty basic. Speakers are basic, and the sound is basic. As compared to my 2013 Cmax which came stock with a Sub, Nav, traffic, etc. The Bolt doesnt even come with rain sensing wipers! I put on 58,000 miles in 3 years on my CMax Energi, so comparing is easy. Another small strange shocker was to get home and assume there is HomeLink, and find out the Bolt doesnt offer it. Pretty easy Chevy item to add as a standard feature, but it isnt there!

    So far, the mileage estimates seem quite close. Really good in city, and looks like getting about 190/200 at more than 50% use of the freeway. The sport mode is quite spry, which makes this vehicle actually a little fun to drive.

    Comfort and roominess seems better than the Cmax, and the trunk is spacious compared to the Cmax, only smaller rear passenger area, but vehicle leaves a lot more room in the garage, which makes it easier to move around.

    There does seem to be an issue when going from forward/reverse, to park, if the car isnt totally stopped for over a second, if you press Park, then let off on the brake pedal to quickly, the car jumps and makes a clunk noise, or has a few times for me already.

    So buyer beware, and be armed with the knowledge that the Bolt's very high price for the Standard version, comes with very basic features, as compared to many other vehicles.

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    Why didja order a basic trim if ya wanted more? Seems kind of silly to complain about it.
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    It's kind of common sense that it wouldn't have nav if it's a base. And apple maps has traffic. Are you always taking different routes places that you really need traffic? And rain sensing wipers? Seriously?

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    Next cheapest 200 mile BEV is $70k btw.

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    Also it looks like 3rd party aftermarket rain sensing kits are easy to install and not very expensive.

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    I'm pretty sure NO Bolt trim has Nav. I think the reasoning is that Apple Car Play and Android Auto give Nav and traffic capabilities with up to date maps and traffic without the need for subscriptions and updates.
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    I have looked through the order guide and also all over the build & price on Chevy's site, don't recall seeing navigation listed.

    I have navigation on my 2016 Volt and let the XM traffic expire and just use carplay with apple maps and the nav/traffic have worked fine for me - so it's no big deal to me that my 2017 Bolt won't have built-in nav.
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    Sorry to hear you didn't get what you wanted. Trusting sales people is always tricky.

    To late for you but maybe other reading might use these two items to help make sure that they get what they want. The chevy configurator webiste that lets you build what you want and has info bubbles for questions.

    And if people need to more info then ther is also the ordering guide

    As for the NAV, you might try out android auto and see if you think its better. Maybe a friend can let you borrow their android phone for a short drive. A lot of people on the G2 Volt forum prefer android auto with google maps to apple maps. If you like it, you could do a hotspot on your iphone and buy a $30 android phone for AA, then use bluetooth on chevy mylink for your phone calls and google maps with your $30 android.

    As for homelink, the G2 volt forum has a thread by teksavy where you can add homelink to your car if your handy, but you'd have to tap into some power near your Onstar overhead console.

    Good luck and try to enjoy yiur new ride.
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    Everyone's tastes are a little different, but I am unsure of what other vehicle in the price class has a 10" touch screen that works with Android Auto and Apple Car play. I much prefer Google Maps to built in Nav. Honestly, the Bolt EV has the features I want, but would probably get a loaded Premier for leather and cameras and rear heated seats and such. Honestly, I don't really see anything missing from spec sheet for me, even the base model has some nice features like HID lights.
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    I was also very surprised NAV isn't even an option especially since it does have a GPS antenna which is used to determine location based charging. I don't like using maps on my phone all the time, I sometimes prefer the in-car nav so I completely get what you're saying. Wireless apple car play would have been a nice option.

    However, I am shocked about the garage link, not even the premium trim has this option? I wouldn't have even thought to look to see if it has a garage door opener, especially at the $43,500 MSRP price I am looking at. Plus, most people will charge inside their garage.
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