Samsung’s new EV battery gives 372 Miles of range with 20 min charge
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Thread: Samsung’s new EV battery gives 372 Miles of range with 20 min charge

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    From the Engadget areible

    Instead of fitting cars with more battery cells, which in turn adds weight, Samsung hopes that by delivering smartphone-like fast charging, consumers won't suffer from range anxiety and will be able to drive longer distances without lengthy top-ups.

    That wasn't the only announcement Samsung SDI made today at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2017. The company also confirmed an improved "21700" cylindrical battery, a large shotgun shell-shaped cell with "improved energy density, power and performance."
    Using words like "smartphone-like fast charging" and "shotgun shell-shaped" has me thinking this will battery definitely explode in a fiery blaze.
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    If the "shotgun shell-shaped" cells don't all go off at the same time you might get a nice Gatling gun effect!
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