ERDTT resistor mod pictures/instructions/resistor value?
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Thread: ERDTT resistor mod pictures/instructions/resistor value?

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    Default ERDTT resistor mod pictures/instructions/resistor value?

    I was debating whether or not to mod my gen2 to avoid ERDTT, and wasn't planning on doing it since its been relatively warm this winter...only had 3 days where it was cold enough to trigger.

    That being said, I may do it in the coming weeks anyway just to avoid the engine from firing up during 'milk runs' around the corner, which is my biggest annoyance.

    There is a tonne of pictures and info for how to get at the sensor on gen1 and what resistor value to use, but I cant seem to find the same amount of information on the gen2. Anyone know of a thread where this was discussed in detail with (hopefully) some pictures/instructions?
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    I just bought the module for my 2016 Volt on ebay:

    2016-17 Chevrolet Volt Automatic Add-on kit prevent engine running ERDTT

    The temperature sensor is in the front bumper.

    Here is a video that shows how to install the module. It's in French, but you will see it's easy to change:

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