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    Default Quick Guide Pamphlet

    Lots of sophisticated digital cameras have user manuals just as large as the one from Chevrolet for the Volt. These camera companies have also printed smaller "Quick Guides" that allows users to use all of the basic functions in order to start using the camera without having to read the large manual. New Volt owners could benefit from having one of these small user guides so that they may quickly start using the Volt without having to read the large user manual. Any chance of Chevrolet printing a "Quick Guide" for new users? Nikon and Canon have mastered this practice.

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    Didn't get one with your car? The latest is called "Getting to Know Your 2017 Volt" Sixteen pages. Has a picture of a blue Volt and the Volt Advisor telephone number at the bottom of the front cover.
    There has been one with each model of Volt we had. Try chevrolet.com or contact your dealer.
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    Here is the link to the "Getting to Know Your 2016" - which should be somewhat close to the features and options of the 2017 (which does not have the same guide posted in the 2017 tab for whatever reason).

    2017 Bolt Premier Kinetic Blue/Dk Gray #33408 (Delivered Jan 2017) Hidden Content

    2016 Volt Premier Silver/Black #16693 (Delivered Oct 2015) Hidden Content

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    Default Looked online, no luck

    Thanks for the quick reply! No, my 2014 Volt was purchased used and it did not have any manuals, and after looking at the GM site, there was none for sale there either. Unless I was looking in the wrong place maybe?

    I didn't see any quick guides for sale on eBay either, although I did find and purchase the regular big manual. Thanks!

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