Plano Texas anyone?
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Thread: Plano Texas anyone?

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    I drove by the vending machine earlier this month and it looks complete (and operational)!

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    Dallas Texas


    Jupiter Chevrolet
    11611 I-635, Garland, TX, 75041

    Jupiter and LBJ

    Using them for 5 years and did a good job on my first 2012 Volt
    2012 RED Volt VIN:#C-8860 - Premium Leather Seats Jet Black with Dark Trim, Rear Camera & Park Assist, Nav
    09/29/2011 Ordered -- 11/15/2011 took it home

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillG View Post
    Here's a recent Carvana buyer's post describing his experience. He also has some $500 coupons to share.

    Did you see the article in today's DMN business section? It says that Carvana has a 30 acre distribution center here in Dallas, with one of their signature car vending machines under construction in Frisco.
    I had heard about that, but I have not seen it yet.

    Essentially I'm in a holding pattern for right now with this car. I have finally gotten my credit back up to a good place, but my income is low because I'm a "born again" college student in my 40's. I work two different part time jobs (getting ready to start a third) and simply don't make enough money to satisfy any banks to give me a loan. Never mind that I have pretty much zero debt outside of my car, phone, and utility payments and can easily afford those with what I make (I have no rent/mortgage or anything like that).

    So I'll probably wait one more year until I get out of school and, if all goes well, hopefully I'll be able to find a full time job and that will make the banks happy and I can try again. By then, hopefully there will be more '14 to '16 models on the used lots

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    Cute play on words.

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    2017 White Volt 60 miles east of Dallas/Richardson area. Bought from Brittain Chevrolet/Cadillac in Greenville. They sell a few Volts once in a while; have a Volt-trained mechanic. Sell mostly high-dollar trucks/SUV's, many Corvettes, high-performance Cadillac CTS's, and other Cadillacs. Had a quite rare CTS/V with 7 speed manual the day I bought my Volt. Had to do a dealer trade to find a loaded Volt Premium with two-toned interior. The dealer worked very well with me; no run-arounds, and they are only 30 minutes from my home.
    Recent road trip: 2216 miles, nearly all gas -- 43 mpg with 70-75 mph freeways, Tennessee mountains, etc. Local driving (every town of any size with shopping is 30 miles away -- in any direction) - giving me about 80-95 mpge. Very happy with the Volt. It is actually quite a good road car for just two people and "stuff". (Age 72 - retired). Also very happy with Chris, TX 220-volt adapter for home charging!

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