2012 unofficial hold mode mod
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Thread: 2012 unofficial hold mode mod

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    I am still testing Hold mode from an app I made. Screen shot of the hold mode app which I will be releasing next month in Feb as a beta on the play store.
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    Does your app’s ability to recharge the battery via the ICE account for the glitch in the 2011/2012 Volt’s programming that counts distances driven on Mountain Mode-recharged power as Electric Miles, not as Gas Miles? I note, too, the kWh Used number on 2012 and later Volts represents net grid power consumption, so driving a 2012 Volt on MM-recharged power increases electric miles without increasing kWh Used (the number does not change until you return to using grid power).

    Most people don’t use MM just to recharge the battery without plugging into the grid, so the glitch doesn’t have a large impact on most 2011/2012 Volts’ statistics. Most electric and gas miles are properly recorded, producing accurate lifetime total miles / total ev miles breakdowns, ev%, and MPGcs numbers.

    If your app enables 2011/2012 Volt owners to recharge the battery via the ICE without accounting for this "MM glitch," will they see their lifetime MPGcs drop significantly and their ev% go up (by counting gas miles as electric miles)? Will 2012 owners be able to recharge via your app and then drive electric miles without any change to the kWh Used number?

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    this might benefit owners of later models too, as it is a significantly different operation profile.
    I'd like to try it on my late 2012
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