Must have Mods for Bolt EV
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Thread: Must have Mods for Bolt EV

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    Bolts all come with a fabric cargo cover standard. Similar in nature to the one that comes with the Volt, but this one does raise and lower with the hatch. The BoltShelf will be a more substantial solution for folks like me that just can't take what comes with the car. The stock one will be fine for some, but a number of folks have already been asking me for an upgrade. I just did the final fitting today and the BoltShelf will give more coverage, better appearance, better functionality, custom choices, and more durability. Like the VoltShelf, I think it will be an important accessory for many BoltOwners.
    Check it out!

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    Add a set of Lloyd Luxe carpet mats to replace the OEM:

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    A sound deadening material, in as many places as possible and windproofing.
    Used to own a Volt 2015.
    Good luck

    PS: It didn't happen if there are no pictures.

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