Oil weight and confirmation of correct oil (5w-20)
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Thread: Oil weight and confirmation of correct oil (5w-20)

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    My local dealer put in 5w-30 because they buy drums of it. I ended up changing it myself. I suppose it could have been a line item computer issue, but the advisor did not offer an explanation. I didn't use the ICE anyhow- just drove home on battery and changed it later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    5-30 is better than 5-20. It has a wider performance envelope. You have nothing to worry about. Your engine would be better protected from high temperatures with that oil.
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    Default Accept what the dealership said? Never.

    Quote Originally Posted by DShields11 View Post
    I worked at a GM dealership and we also had the single billing line. Ours read 10W-30, the norm when our computer system was installed. I had a combative female customer whose Malibu required 5W-30 oil and of course she caught the discrepancy. I explained that the computer system was old and we had no known way to change the program. She wasn't satisfied with that so I checked with our parts department and they confirmed that our bulk oil tank had 5W-30 in it, regardless of what the computer printed. She wasn't satisfied with that either, so I went into the office and got an invoice from our oil supplier that showed we purchased 5W-30 in bulk. After seeing the invoice she was satisfied and after that her whole demeanor changed. She was very pleasant to deal with on subsequent visits, I guess because we won her trust.

    I suggest to the OP that he or she accepts what the dealership said. Their technicians indeed do plenty of these and know which viscosity to use. Further pursuit of this complaint is folly and a complete waste of time for all parties involved.
    First of all, how can any parts department keep anything stocked properly if they just use 1 Standard item instead of the actual product used? So, they just put 5w-30 in every car? Not really an honest way to do business nor a wise business decision. Also not very consumer friendly and that's supposed to be the bottom line, isn't it--to service the customer?
    As for the bit about being an old computer system, way back before Windows 3.1 there was a way to program a computer to do what you wanted as far as inventory was concerned. It's called a simple database program. Heck, we even had 1 in the USAF in the late 1970's to keep track of our plane parts & fluids in inventory.
    If my car was supposed to use 0-20 & the dealer put ANYTHING else in against the recommendation, I wouldn't be very happy & I bet GM wouldn't either. This has to be the oddest explanation I've ever heard. Every car I've owned, going back to my 1987 Lincoln Continental, various 1990's to 2000's Infinitis and my previous 2013 Ford C-Max, what the car required was what was put on the invoice (whether that was put in the engine I can't say, not having worked there. I'd also be willing to bet some state attorneys general wouldn't be too happy to see people required to get 1 thing but have a dealer put in something else because 'that's all they get'. Usually they get several different types of oils & fluids. Heck, my brother was a manager of a service station back in the 1970's for crying out loud & I worked there during high school & they had whatever viscosity the customer wanted or the vehicle required.

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    If an engine required something other than standard, such as synthetic oil or diesel engine oil, it would be charged out as such by GM part number on the invoice. Such oils were stocked in quart plastic containers on the shelves and were not in the bulk oil tank. Nice to know the USAF had an adaptable system in the '70's that we didn't have in the '90's or oughts'. Perhaps you could take that up with Reynolds and Reynolds who provided our system. To imply poor customer service and even dishonesty due to a computer-generated obsolete description is a leap to a most illogical conclusion. None of this would occur in the'70's before computers when repair tickets and invoices were handwritten.
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    Most new cars are using 0w20 synthetic motor oil. This oil has a full temperature range for operation and an added bonus of possible increase in mpg. Toyota Prius has been using 0w20 oil since the 2010 model. On our 2010 Prius we have been using 0w20 Mobil One synthetic oil since new, nearing 152,000 miles now. Never had to add oil and I change my own oil and filter every 10,000 miles. I put in 4 quarts and nearly 4 quarts comes out 10,000 miles later, hard to believe. Will use the same oil in our 2016 Volt when the times comes and I will do it myself like I have been doing since I was 16 back in the 1960's....

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Dobro View Post
    If GM oil is used, it's a synthetic blend Dexos 1.
    After a 2,100 mile road trip, running in Hold Mode, my 2016 Volt used a few ml of oil. I topped it off with Castrol EDGE 5W-20. This oil meets the dexos spec and is fully synthetic.

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