Good morning all. I've been lurking here for about 3 years and have really enjoyed this forum(I'll post a better intro on a separate thread later). Anyway, my 2001 Honda Accord is truly on its last leg (won't pass emissions in August). I found a 2017 that has everything I want (and some things I don't). MSRP =$41,380. When I asked about final pricing, the Volt specialist started with "well, there's really not much margin in these cars and the discounts come from the Feds at 7500). I told him paying MSRP wasn't how I do things, and told him I could order from Rydell in CA (they recently offered $3,500 off Premiers, and ship to GA for about $800. Eventually, he agreed to $2500 off, plus $1000 for my tradein (the tradein I didn't expect, figured I'd have to sell to junkyard). so now he says that puts me even with CA dealers without the hassle of shipping.

So, I'm a bit of a cheapskate (I endeavor to emulate llninja), and I keep cars til the wheels fall off, and the walk away price just still seems ridiculous (we're back up close to $42K when all fees/taxes/crap added back - 7500 =$34,500, plus a heft increase in insurance since I'll have to have comprehensive on this vehicle. There are also several "options" I'm not interested in paying for - ambient lighting, tablet holder, navigation - that really add up. Oh,and GA doc fee is$599 vs. it's my understanding that CA is capped at $80. To start this off, at the moment, a used Volt is not an option- but that might change, so please stick to suggestions about new. So a few specific questions:
1. Does this sound like a reasonable price for GA, and if not, what would be? He says it's only valid til May 2 (or until he sells 1 volt) due to an incentive from GM to sell a certain number of Volts. the one I want would make his quota.

2. Can you tell the dealer to "remove" some options & not be charged? For instance, they didn't have the lighting stuff installed. I waited around 2 hours while they installed, and realized that the Ambient lighting isn't worth 575, and a tablet holder for 105? Give me a break....

3. I really think (hope) that pricing will improve as spring/summer comes along - what do you think?

4. Sort of related - I never thought my tradein would even be a consideration, as it is truly a beater as this point (and a little "crunched"). If I don't buy before August (when emissions expire- and therefore insurance), I assume they can't offer me anything on this non-insured, non-tagged tradein? There is a slim possibility I can talk my husband into driving one of his vehicles after August to await better pricing towards end of year.

5. I've been to my local dealer a few times (different from this offer) and they say they want to be competitive. But they don't have the cars with options I want. If I order one oftheir allocations from the factory(with only exactly what I want), I assume that pretty much eliminates my negotiating power? I mean what would I have to work with?FYI -none of the vehicles within 50 miles are optioned/colored like I want - but Volts are just now trickling into GA area.

6. I saw a few weeks ago that a member lococanes5 got a new, loaded 2013 down to $20K (I assume eligible for tax credit) and you're in East Georgia(I'm inNewnan). would like to hear more specific details if you're willing to share - offline is ok.

Thanks so much for your help. I know it's a lot of questions, and I have many more (for later)

PS - Llninja - You're absolutely right- you do not want to test drive an ELR until you're ready to buy. My husband and I started looking at Volts 2 weeks ago, and the salesman specifically mentioned the ELR when he saw my interest in Volt. We testdrove a 2014 ELR & sat in a 2016, and my husband (who couldn't care less about electric) was sold- it was the cockpit seats that fit you like a glove that won him over. He's now pushing for the ELR, and the only thing keeping it in check is since we keep cars so long, he's concerned they've stopped making them. It truly is an awesome car - such a shame the marketing folks undid all the amazing work of the engineering folks.