Replacement Wiper Blades - 2014 ELR
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Thread: Replacement Wiper Blades - 2014 ELR

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    Default Replacement Wiper Blades - 2014 ELR

    This should be simple, but apparently it isn't. I need to replace my wiper blades. If you look in the 2014 ELR manual, it says this:

    pg. 11-13

    Wiper Blades

    part no.

    22742324 - passenger

    22742323 - driver

    Great. So I go to the official, GM parts website. There it specifies a different part number for the ELR blades.

    It recommends these for my model year:


    Part Number : 23184313,
    Part Number : 23184314

    This same GM website says the part numbers listed in the ELR manual are actually wipers for the Volt.

    So is the manual wrong, is the website wrong, or are the ELR wipers and the volt wipers actually all the same?

    If the ELR wipers are the same as the Volt wipers, that suggests I can buy aftermarket ones, but I had assumed they are unique to the ELR and so only the OEM wipers will fit.

    Has anybody else figured all this out already? I really do not want to order the wrong pair on-line and then have to try and return them when they don't fit.

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    Part numbers change all the time. They try to use the same part in as many applications as possible to save costs and consolidate parts.
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    23184313 and 14 are correct for the 2014-16 ELR.
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    I just replaced mine with some 26" Rain-X universals that I bought from Target. The universal adapter on this sticks out a bit but I got used to it after a few days.

    FYI, the catalog in the store said that the ELR uses 28" blades, which I bought and installed and were simply too long, striking the roof. I returned them and backed down to 26" and there is no fitment issue.
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    Wiper blades are quite universal, simple to replace, and their length is the main difference. I only recommend getting a well known brand name (such as Goodyear) and read the factory warranty in case they need replacements.
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    Default 3 Volts and an ELR!

    Interesting that you drove 1 volt, an ELR and then another Gen 1 Volt and finally a Gen 2 Volt you are in now. I'd be interested in hearing your impressions of each car, and am curious why you aren't in a 2016 ELR today, as much as you apparently like the Voltec platform?

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