Now Tesla wants $billions of bailout money too!
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Thread: Now Tesla wants $billions of bailout money too!

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    Default Now Tesla wants $billions of bailout money too!

    Arguing that it is very efficient at the burn rate of money, squandering only millions instead of billions to develop a product:

    Hey Uncle Sam, I am even more efficient than Tesla! Just dole me out $5M, and I guarantee you, I will put it to very good use that the US won't regret!

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    Bailing them out could save tens of jobs!!
    "Beer, the cause of and solution to, all of life's problems." -Homer Simpson

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    Jay Leno will have one less toy to play with if they go under! This is a truly a national emergency.



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    I don't see how this link applies to Tesla Motors, only AFS Trinity.

    Regardless, all automakers with domestic design and/or production (in the US) should be included in whatever comprehensive plan the federal government creates. I see no reason why GM or Ford should be preferred disproportionately over Tesla, Fisker, Aptera, Zap, etc.

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    I agree! If the big three get money, every auto manufacture should get some. Besides, companies that make EVs are the future! It's like the government is working to kill off the companies that should be helped the most by unfairly helping who has the loudest squeak. That is exactly how the system should not work.

    There is going to be no end to the bail-out. Once you open that door be prepared!

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    Does Telsa actually make any cars here though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zzyzzx View Post
    Does Telsa actually make any cars here though?

    Oh, you didn't hear the news that Telsa is building a huge new factory in California for their next, higher volume, model? They should also have access to those funds. It will also be the right kinds of non-unionized, high-tech jobs.

    It's tough for anyone to get credit these days. You have to be fair to everyone if you are going to have a socialized program. Otherwise it's just unfair and makes people angry (with good reason). Fair socialism or no socialism.

    Good, basic and fair socialism supported by great and fairly regulated capitalism. That's where we should be headed. Those who say we don't have socialism should visit third world countries. They also have some socialism only they have much less funding. It isnít pretty sometimes, unless you like to see a mother with her children all sleeping in the sidewalk. If that's your cup of tea then say NO to any form of socialism. Hey, you get yours. Right?

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