Tips for cold weather.
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Thread: Tips for cold weather.

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    Default Tips for cold weather.

    Besides the obvious winter tips (checking tires, coolant, battery, etc), there's a few tips that I've picked up from this forum that are Volt specific. BTW, when I say cold, I'm referring to ND cold. For more info:
    1. Hopefully you already have factory heated seats. Most aftermarket seat warmers disable the airbag sensors.
    2. Cover your lower grill with foam pipe insulation. For more info see:
    3. To reduce ERDTLT engine running, set your heater to comfort, fan set to 2. For more info see:

    Any more tips?

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    3. Only applies to 2011/12. On my '14 that will do nothing. Best way to reduce ERDTT is to mod your sensor (engien doesnt run at all) or to preheat while plugged in and just use seat heaters while driving, or minimum fan level (engine should just run once).

    4. Always preheat while plugged in, if possible. Even 2 mins is enough to get things going. Use 240V if you need max battery charge as 120V cannot keep up with the heat load. 240V can't either, but its not too bad.
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    If you have hold mode and a long commute (more than your even range) with highway first and city second, using hold mode to get the cabin toasty warm. I've had times when I hit the city where the guessometer sticks at 30 miles for 6-9 miles.

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    I follow Ari_C’s cold weather procedure with a couple of added tweaks:

    1. Install ERDTT switch to prevent gas Engine Running Due To Temperature
    2. Charge Volt on 240v overnight, having it finish about 05:45. This ‘just in time’ charging helps warm the battery.
    3. 06:00 – Leaving the car plugged in, manually start the car with all accessories and lighting off and let it charge the extra buffer that is reserved for early drive regenerative braking. This gives 1-2 more miles of electric range. During this time, the battery may receive additional heating to bring it up to drive temperature.
    4. 06:20 – Leave the car running and plugged in, turn on Eco and Auto. The cabin gradually warms up, running the air conditioning as well to remove moisture from the cabin as needed. The 240v can keep up with Eco, so it doesn’t draw from the battery.
    5. 07:00 – Turn off Eco and Auto and turn on seat heater. Set Fan Only to 2, turn off air recirculation, and direct air to windshield. This brings in some outside air and helps to keep the windshield from fogging up. Unplug the Volt and drive away.

    Since the cabin has been heated for an extended period with shore power, the car will stay fairly comfortable with the heat off, particularly if the seat heater is used. The battery was also well heated while plugged in and thus won’t need as much additional heating during the drive.

    This procedure does require an hour and two walks to the Volt, but it fits in nicely with my early morning work day schedule and I think it is superior to the usual remote start option which doesn’t warm the car up that much and which might be draining the battery to some degree in the process.

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    Most people don't do this, but if you have a L2 charger you can preheat the cabin and battery by cranking the heat on ECO. The battery will not lose any charge and this is better than remote start as the heat will turn off as the battery charges back up. I've monitored the battery level and here is a graph I made comparing no heat, ECO, and comfort.

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    Just as a note, comfort and eco means electric heat, and fan only means either no heat or engine heat. If in ERDTT mode switch I set it to fan only to avoid electric heater use to preserve electric range (the engine produces a lot of waste heat regardless so it doesn't take much extra for it to heat the cabin and I am burning gas anyway, would rather preserve EV), although it probably doesn't matter at the end of the day. Make sure to turn off autodefog if you don't want it sneaking on the electric heater when you don't want it to, the defrost front windshield button will still turn it on if necessary.

    Also, if you disable ERDTT like me, I heat on fan speed 3 and recirculate mode until it is warm or the windows start to fog and I turn it to fresh. On those days with a high of -5 F you really need to heat the air on recirculate first when leaving work. I might re-enable ERDTT this winter for very low temperatures, like around 0 or 10 F as the range gets uselessly low with EV only at that point anyway (like 15 or 20 miles).

    Finally, turn your electric heat off 5 minutes or so before you arrive at work (switch from comfort to fan only) so you can burn off the extra heat in the heater coolant/core. Otherwise it just dissipates into the air after you park. The point is you wasted energy heating the coolant up and didn't use it after you exited the car, turning it off slightly before work saves 5 minutes or so of heater use and the coolant remains warm for quite a while for the fan (temperature dependent of course, won't stay as warm as long at -5 as it will at 40 F).
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