Anyone in LA/SoCal area want to trade a black or Grey for a Viridian Joule?
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Thread: Anyone in LA/SoCal area want to trade a black or Grey for a Viridian Joule?

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    Default Anyone in LA/SoCal area want to trade a black or Grey for a Viridian Joule?

    I have a Viridian Joule 2012. I love it, and the color is cool, but I much prefer the grays and blacks I see passing me by. It's a lease, I'm sure there would be some paperwork to take care of, but I'm posting on the off-chance that someone got a Black one and is regretting not getting the Viridian Joule.
    To be honest, on the lot it looked like a silver one. I would even consider silver.

    thanks for looking,


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    FYI, I believe there is a $500 transfer fee to switch leasees.
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    Thanks for the info. I guess we would split 50/50 with whoever wants to swap.

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    Ok. I didnt actually know you could get out of a lease deal or transfer one.

    I can bore you with a true story though....

    I worked for used car dealer/repair shop that specialized in European cars. It wasnt always honest or legal about its dealings and that would be an understatement. Take note that this was almost 20 yrs ago now, so lease deals are a lot different. Anyway a local chiropractor had leased a new Volvo and was disassitifed with it. He had always had Mercedes and the Volvo wasnt living up to his standards. So I guess he tried to trade it in with several dealerships before coming to this one. They told him no since he didnt own it. He tried to give it back to Volvo who said no because he signed a contract. The place I worked for said no problem and sold him a Mercedes on trade. They took the Volvo and sold it right away to the school superintendant, who paid cash.

    Now for several months, until the doors were locked on the dealer, the chiropractor wouldnt make the lease payments to Volvo, claiming he didnt have the car anymore and Volvo told him that wasnt posible and make the payments. The superintendant kept wanting the tags and registration, which the dealer claimed was locked in a estate closing and would just give him new paper tags. When the dealer was closed, the Volvo went back to the chiro who now owed 6 months and the super got to stand in line at the bankruptcy court to collect pennies on the dollar.

    I couldnt take the place anymore and left while this (unbeknownst to me or anyone but the top) took place. This wasnt even the worst of it but you know these two supposedly smart people should have known better.


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