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Thread: Charging Cord Problem

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    Default Charging Cord Problem

    I''m having a problem with my 110v Voltech cord getting stuck in the charging port of one of my Volts . It gets stuck and when I can finally get it out it damages the head of the cord . The 240v Blink charger never gives me this problem .

    Anyone else having issues with their cord ?
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    Without actually fiddling with it, I'm going to have a hard time telling what the problem might be. Can you tell if it's the latch mechanism hanging up or too much friction from the pins? If it's excessive friction on the pins, you can lubricate them with a bit of dry gun lube or other non-oily lubricant.
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    I have the opposite power Xpress level 2 SPX J1772 is loose in the port and occasionally doesn't seat. My Lvl 1 is a little tight. Plastic moldings and temperature change? It's not the latch per se.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfkirk View Post
    I have the opposite power Xpress level 2 SPX J1772 is loose in the port and occasionally doesn't seat. My Lvl 1 is a little tight. Plastic moldings and temperature change? It's not the latch per se.
    My 110v EVSE cord is a bit tight as well, but it requires just a bit more muscle to push in or pull out. I've only had my Volt for a few days though.
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    I have the exact same problem. Every 240 v charger I use (at home or on the road) plug in and plug out perfectly. But the 120v one with my car plugs in fine but is always tough to get out. Since I have a 2012 model, this plug is not the original one that came with the car. This is the new one that replaced the original one (recall swap). The first one I had worked fine.

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    I found with repeated use, they wear-in a bit and the issue goes away. Both my 120V units and my 240V unit displayed this "sticky" tendency for a few months. YMMV
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