Clicking sound from outside car starting and stopping at low speed (2012 Volt)
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Thread: Clicking sound from outside car starting and stopping at low speed (2012 Volt)

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    Welp, add me as yet another confirmed "loose axle nut" data point! I took off my left front wheel, tightened the axle nut, and voila! The noise has disappeared! Took all of 10 minutes. (More detail below, but first, a question...)

    Question for people who ordered the newer bolt and the washer... Can someone describe the process to install the washer? How hard is it to take off the hub to get back there and install it? I may eventually do this "proper" fix down the road but for now this worked great.

    For now, I ordered a 32mm socket from Amazon for all of $11 and had no trouble tightening the existing axle nut up a bit.

    The only minor issue is that my torque wrench only goes up to something like 150 foot-pounds, so it's still not torqued to spec. Still, it was much looser than the spec previously. I had my wrench set to 100 foot pounds from the wheel nuts and the axle nut turned a bit tighter even at that lower setting.
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    Thanks to everyone who has posted information about this. I've dealt with the click noise for several months now (after reading other stories) so now I have called around to my local (columbus, OH) dealerships and only one has ever heard of the issue. I'm hoping it's just the tightening of the axle nuts. There aren't many places that cater to Volts around here (previously lived in SoCal and it was much easier) so I'm hoping the dealership will be honest and upfront with me.

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