Chevy Volt Flat Tire, Tire Inflator Guide
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Thread: Chevy Volt Flat Tire, Tire Inflator Guide

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    Default Chevy Volt Flat Tire, Tire Inflator Guide

    If you need to inflate the tires or fix a flat, the owner's manual should be your primary reference. However, the PDF below may be easier to read. It can be printed and stored in your glove compartment with your Owners Manual, or saved to your phone. I recommend new Volt owners try out the air compressor to inflate their tires and familiarize yourself with the compressor operation before you really need it. (Do not test the sealant! It's a one-use canister that costs about $30 or so to replace. It's more of a last resort than first resort in my opinion.)


    According to data from the tire industry, 85 percent of all tire air pressure losses are the result of slow leaks that occur over a period of hours, days, or months. Only 15 percent are rapid air losses caused by contact with a road hazard, e.g., when a large nail that does not end up stuck in the tire punctures a tire.

    Slow leaks may be caused by many factors. Tire manufacturers commented that tires typically lose air pressure through natural leakage and permeation at a rate of about 1 psi per month. Testing by CU supports those comments. In addition, tire manufacturers said that seasonal climatic changes result in air pressure losses on the order of 1 psi for every 10 degree F decrease in the ambient temperature. Slow leaks also may be caused by slight damage to a tire, such as a road hazard that punctures a small hole in the tire or a nail that sticks in the tire. NHTSA has no data indicating how often any of these causes results in a slow leak.

    Mr Energy Czar's video shows the compressor being used.

    Tire Plug Kit
    Keep a tire plug repair kit in the car (Walmart, Autozone, etc.), along with a pliers, razor and a folded plastic sheet you can lay on if needed.
    Here is a guide on using a tire repair plug kit:

    Most tire plug kits seem consist of a sticky length of rubber that you thread through a large T handle needle. After removing the nail/screw you ream the hole and plunge plunge the rubber plug into the puncture. One thing I picked up watching the videos below: you probably need some rubber cement "lube" for the smaller holes!

    Once at the tire repair shop, your plug can be removed the the tire repared with plug and patch:

    A cool kit you can probably make:
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    Thanks Steverino. I will store this in the glove box (along with the towing guide).
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    Thank you for sharing!

    -Ian Chevrolet Volt Customer Service
    If you have any further questions feel free to contact the
    Chevrolet Customer Care Team:
    (800) 222-1020
    Chevrolet Customer Care Hours:
    Monday - Friday 9AM to 9PM EST.
    Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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    your uploaded video is not playing correctly ....!!!
    As I understand little bit from your description because I don't know the names of all of its parts so it is important for me to view the video but it is not correcly playing...!!!
    can you replace the video file from the uploaded one?
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    small update on the canister and where to search in the parts catalog
    Part Number was superceded!
    Quick Order
    Old Part Number 25913642
    New Part Number 22937291
    Part Name COMPRESSOR
    MSRP $125.18
    Online Price $78.11

    MSRP Online Price
    $30.38 $18.00
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    Nope. You give a part number to replace the entire compressor unit. ( 22937291)

    He wants to know the part number for the tire sealant canister. (So do I).

    I am having a devil of a time finding a GM part #.

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    No - that is the search information path - you have to go to the item in this case sub item (17) click the purchase button.

    The main unit is the one with a new part number

    in some of the parts places the sub item is not (17)

    I did NOT click on the buy and add it to the cart which may give a number.

    you need to be in the catalog area.
    Collision Catalog - 2012 - Chevrolet - Volt
    body hardware, rear body & floor, interior trim, sealer $30.38 $18.00

    I still see no number even when in the cart.

    not where I would have put it but you did have a collision with you tire on some object.
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    UPDATE went Chevy dealer and bought a new sealant canister Part #20927667 $46.47 w/Tax OUCH!!!

    Looked it up online $21.29 OUCH,OUCH!!!!

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    Just for the people Googling for the replacement tire sealant canister part number: The number listed above has been superseded by part number 22864054

    The description is very useless as simply "Container" and there is no photo of the product so you won't get a warm feeling that you ordered the right thing until it shows up on your doorstep. Price is 18.35 plus 12.97 shipping as of 11/19/2014. For the extra $15, it might be worth the simplicity of just picking one up at the dealer...
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    Just a quick reminder to everyone not to count on your tire goop inflator for all puncture repairs, and put together a tool kit in the car to deal with puncture flats.

    My Volt seems very susceptible to flat tires compared to my previous vehicles, as I've had two flats in my first 6 months and 10,000ish miles with the car. Fortunately one flat lost the majority of it's air in my driveway, and the other happened near enough to my work parking lot that I didn't have to suffer at roadside for either one.

    The lessons that I didn't fully learn after my first flat that I would encourage others to do would be to learn how to use the inflator before you need it, and to not rely on the tire goop to repair puncture wounds that a plug can repair. I was fortunate enough to have plugs and tools at home for the first event this summer, but had neither for today's flat in 30 degree F windy cold weather. It worked out because I had coworkers that thankfully came more prepared than I with tools and tire plugs, so we were able to plug the tire on the car. This turned what could have been a major problem to a minor inconvenience. Although I use a larger air compressor at home, the car's inflator was invaluable for me today!

    Please put that emergency toolkit together and keep in in the car. Include a blanket if you're in a cold climate!
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