Chevy Volt vs. the Honda Civic and Insight Concept
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Thread: Chevy Volt vs. the Honda Civic and Insight Concept

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    Default Chevy Volt vs. the Honda Civic and Insight Concept

    The side rear view mirrors seem to have a nice sleek, straight, flat on the bottom look this to me is an interesting feature. But is a little too long or too thin. If you look at the head lamps they are almost level with the rest of the lines of the car. They don't set too high or go up pass the side window, they set just below the window line. If you look at the side shot of the car the top edge of the head lamps are almost level and balanced with the rest of the cars lines. If you look at the 2007 Honda Civic Type-R you will notice a the top edge of the front and rear lamp line up with a crease line on the side. It is almost as if they are designing the top of the vehicle above the head and tail lamps separate then the lower portion. Maybe they are designing the top as one piece then tilting the forward or backward in respect to the wheel wells. If you look at the Honda 2009 Insight concept from the front it looks a little too rounded of on the sides, this may be because of the camera being too close. The hood is ok, except maybe for the side creases that are angled down. Some of the front end and grill needs to change. It's like every thing is flowing as one complementing or assisting each others flow or angles. It's like a bunch of line that break at the then show up again still level with the previous line. It's like they are designing their cars without wheel wells (reminds me of the sliced section of a UFO, disc, or smooth stone) and then cutting the holes in the clay for the wheels so that every thing lines up. They probably do the same thing with the interior design as well. They may also be using a CNC to cut the holes for the wheel wells. I wonder if they use CNC for the interior cuts for the steering, shifter, leg room, etc....

    ホンダ・インサイト〜エクステリア・デザイン解説 / HONDA Insight - Exterior design - shows you how Japanese the Honda Insight really is - I guess
    速報!! パリサロン2008 ⑤ HONDA INSIGHT (HYBRID)
    HONDA FCX Concept GOTLAND試乗記 - they even changed the windshield wipers configuration to help improve air flow over the vehicle while the windshield wipers are activated.

    Honda Insight - right Rear view mirror:

    Honda Insight - left head lamp close up:

    Honda Insight - left head lamp a step back:

    Honda Insight - left side shot:

    Honda Insight - left side angle shot:

    Honda Insight -Front end:

    2007 Honda Civic Type R - left side shot:

    2007 Honda Civic:

    Honda FCX concept 2006 - I think this may be the flagship of the Honda empire - kind of like Star Wars - The top part of this concept reminds me of a water droplet (looking top down) with its head and tail cut sort or flattened - wide mid lower front and a little narrower top rear - like a triangle - it's like they took a square cube of clay and cookie cut a round disc shape and then sliced a rectangle out of it straight across and then made the top as a triangular droplet - after that they rounded or smoothed out the corners. If you look at the front end you will notice a line flowing down from in between the hood and fender (the separational gap) down across the bump near the bottom and around to the other side. This line looks sort of like a Humpback whales' mouth. The top side of the vehicle is like the hull of a ship or a trees leaf placed upside down with windows cut into it. I remember watching an Episode 43(Tailgate Up vs. Tailgate Down) of MythBusters where they used circulating water to help reveal trapped vortexes. They used a pick-up truck model to try and tell if there was plus or minus drag with the tailgate up or down. Maybe they're designing their vehicles in this way. Testing the lower part of the vehicle in circulating water and the top part(just above the lights) flipped upside down on the suface of circulating water like testing the hull of a ship then the 3rd test will be to combine them togather into 1 unit and test submerged in circulating water as seen on MythBusters. I've noticed that some cars' lower halves resemble a speed boats hull looking from the sides:

    2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse:

    1968 Dodge Charger from the move Blade 2 - side has a crease that breaks about mid-way, it looks muscular, is mostly level and most goes from head to tail lamp. Wind resistance is a problem that's way some racers remove things that protrude out from the car. Things like rubber guard strips and emblems. This helps to reduce wind resistance and makes the car more seemless and look more muscular.


    Bruce Lee - 3D animation - Water can Flow or it can Crash (break)
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    Default Some new Pictures to compare

    Nissan 350Z Concept 2001

    Nissan 350Z 2007

    De Lorean with Side stripes - head light to tail light

    2005 Pontiac Bonneville the front end looks alot like the 2006 Honda Civic

    Lotus Esprit Models:
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    Default Non-Continuous lines, lines that angle up too sharply, big but cars

    Non-Continuous lines, lines that angle up too sharply, big but cars, smooshed, concaved hoods and narrow pointy at the front fenders.

    2008 Dodge Sling Shot Chrysler Concept

    2008 Dodge Viper GTS.jpg - looks like too narrow in the center

    2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Daytona Quad Cab 4x4 Pickup
    Symmetrical in common usage generally conveys two primary meanings. The first is an imprecise sense of harmonious or aesthetically-pleasing proportionality and balance; such that it reflects beauty or perfection. ...
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    Default Japanese Head Bands

    This is interesting:

    Old style hachimaki - Don't know if you can read the description at the bottom -

    A clip from - Japanese Foreign-Language Clothing Glossary -

    Boshi: The Japanese word for either cap or hat is "boshi". It is interesting to note that some form of headwear is universally required of primary school children (even in those schools where uniforms are not required) but that increasingly secondary schools are not enforcing or abolishing the hat requirement. Japanese adults rarely wear hats today except for sports or to keep off the sun; baseball caps are still very popular among young boys, however.Boys and men wore hats and caps much more commonly in the past. No well dressed boy's outfit in the 19th and first half of the 20th century would fail to include a hat or cap. Today headgear is less commonly worn. The difference being a cap is a close-fitting head covering resembling a hat, but differing principally because of the absence of a brim or by having a brim that only partially circumvents the crown.

    Boshi: In Japanese the word "boshi" is also used for caps. There is no separate word for a cap, headwear with a visor rather than a brim. In past boys used to wear the French style béret, nowadays has been replaced by cap with its visor on side over ear if not completely backwards.

    NARUTO Japanese "HACHIMAKI" - reminds me of the baseball caps with the metal plates fixed to the top of the brim of the hat

    Ask an Asian guy?

    Ask An Asian Guy? Asian Asians vs American Asians - production slows down

    Asian differences vs. white guys
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    Default A better, Leaner, less Frivolous design

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