Where are the liberals in Chevy Volt land?
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Thread: Where are the liberals in Chevy Volt land?

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    Default Where are the liberals in Chevy Volt land?

    I am starting to get irritated with the left not putting their money where their mouths are. Some have alleged that conservatives are bashing the Volt, while liberals love it in name only- not buying any of them. I am starting to feel the assessment is accurate. Yes, I have watched as the conservatives have become more extreme and pushed more and more of us to the center. However, a friend of mine (after telling me my Volt would make Obama happy) told me I was even more conservative than he was. I have mentally fought this concept mostly because of the vocal idiots (think Fox News) and their inability to use reason. But lately a few things are churning in my mind.

    I will say that the last several years have turned me into an environmentalist and had me picking up many ideas that have traditionally been the bastion of liberals. [For the record, I have called myself moderate for years]. I would have (previously) been repelled at the notion of being called a ‘treehugger’, as it harkened back to the days when eco-Nazis were spiking trees so that loggers would be injured while using chainsaws on them. Due to signing my name to some petition to rid us of coal, I now find myself receiving emails from the Sierra Club. It dawned on me a few months ago that I NEVER see endorsements for the Volt. I sent off a number of emails, all unanswered, to the organization telling them that I was done with their letter writing campaigns until I saw a drive to have the membership put its money where its collective mouth was. I really am sick of all the hearts and flowers, nuts and twigs, and sign waiving if these people are not going to actually live in the same society with me and start making MONETARY sacrifices to achieve their goals. I went to their web site and did a search for ‘Chevy Volt’. A whopping FIVE results were returned, with absolutely nothing recent.

    Based on my reading here, I find moderates and conservatives, but unless I am missing something, the liberal mindset is severely under-represented in Chevy Volt ownership. Please take yourself back to an innocent date before 9/11/01, before terrorism ruined us forever and forced us to take sides with the Patriot Act, Gitmo and all the rest of modern day events that have cemented the conservative viewpoint with a deafening flag waiving (I am allowed to paint it this way, because I am a retired Naval Officer- so no offense should be taken). Go back to things like NAFTA, defense spending, labor unions, prayer in schools, etc that helped you find a bond with those of like mind. Then answer the above survey. If the results turn out the way I think they will, I hope you will start writing some letters of your own to the powers that be on the left and tell them that their righteousness is ‘as filthy rags’ without spending the money on the clean machines that will help them accomplish their goals. Yeah, I know some here have no ideological stand on this cool car, so you can let that be known in the survey, as well.

    Edit: P.S. If hating gas is why you bought the Volt, ask yourself why you hate gas. If it is because gas is expensive or smelly, you get the 'none of the above option', but if you hate gas because it pollutes or comes from foreigners, you have definitely made an ideological choice.
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    I am a Libertarian/ Right wing conservative , but didn't buy the Volt for political reasons . I think it is a marvel of engineering , awesome fun to drive and a giant step in the right direction . I also believe it will rapidly make cars like the Prius obsolete .

    Unfortunately , many leftists will not buy the Volt because they hate GM because it is an American car company . Others who dwell in the past won't buy it because GM made lower quality cars 35 years ago . It's sad because no matter how good their cars get , people still won't buy them .
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    According to those online quizes I tend to rank in the 85-90th percentile towards Liberal, but I don't think I fit in with the alfalfa-sprout eating Woodstock holdouts. I eat MEAT. I currently drive a lifted GMC pickup. My dad is a forestry professional with a logging company, and I've worked alongside him a decade ago. If Canada didn't have such restrictive gun laws, I'd probably own a Browning handgun...

    I have several reasons for buying a Volt: Firstly, I've been averaging about $4000-$5000 a year in gas, which equals a few car payments. Second, my place of work was recently taken over by a much larger company, and I'm now having to travel between sites (1200 km in the past month...) Third, I've got an 8-year old daughter, and I thought this might be a good car for her when she turns 16 (we'll see if they have a battery replacement program by then...) Lastly, I'm a bit of a nerd, and the Volt is the latest and greatest...

    Allegiance to one polical slant or another didn't come into play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinnombre View Post
    Unfortunately , many leftists will not buy the Volt because they hate GM because it is an American car company . Others who dwell in the past won't buy it because GM made lower quality cars 35 years ago . It's sad because no matter how good their cars get , people still won't buy them .
    This has no basis in reality, why would you say this?
    GM made crap for many years. Cars are expensive and rare purchases. With all the damage GM did to themselves, it will take time to get most of those people back. GM is making great improvements across their products, but it will take time to fully recover.

    As to the original post, I consider myself a left leaning independent. However, my political position in no way impacted my vehicle choice.
    I am very fiscally conservative, but socially progressive.
    Funny thing is, conservation is a very conservative position. Somehow it has been politicised, and the democrats wound up being environmentally conservative and the republicans wound up fighting against it.

    Our nation's fiscal health is enslaved to the price of oil. It is killing our trade balance. It destroys our economy every time oil climbs above $100/barrel, and we spend far to much 'stabilizing' unsettled oil producing areas of the world.

    We owned a pair of Prius 2 years ago, because they allowed us to use the least gasoline. I yelled at GM for years to give us a viable fuel efficient option. Yes, I was ticked off at them for crushing the EV-1s. And yes, I was nervous about their lack of quality and poor dealer service (no, not all GM dealers were bad, but more often than not...). But when we had the option to lease a Volt, I was more than happy to give them a shot.
    I am very happy we did, and hope that the quality of the Volt continues to shine.
    My other car is also from an Amercan company, Tesla. I am happy that American innovation is giving people a number of options.

    Hmmm, sorry about that, I suppose I should have used the [rant] tags, but you did ask

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    Before 9/11, I had no interest in electric cars. Since 9/11, gasoline disgusts me.

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    I don't even know what the labels mean any more -- I don't think any party is either any more. My reasons for a volt are not political they are a mix of energy security, environmental, fiscal and love of technology.

    I'm a fiscal conservative, strongly support environmental conservation (liberal?), constitutionally oriented (yeah.. ALL the amendments). I vote for people and policies, not parties. As an independent thinker the Volt was easier to choose because I consider facts not ideology.
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    I tend to agree with tboult - the labels' meanings have been so distorted over time they just don't apply to anyone who can think straight. Both seem to mean "statist" with only slight differences in who owns them, and which things or rights they want to take from us first.

    Having said that, the classic self-defined liberal tends toward lower disposable income than otherwise, and this isn't that cheap a car upfront, even though in the long run it's very economical. Thus, a fiscal conservative is a lot more likely to have the bucks to put in upfront to be saving money down the road, at least by the older definitions of those silly labels. Self-defined liberals (again, by the older meanings) tend to want to "level off" - cut net income for the better off, and redistribute to lower income people (usually themselves!) and tend to live more hand-to-mouth, which prevents their ability to invest even in their own future with things like this very nice auto.

    I hate to bring in anything that smells like religion into a discussion that already tries to be about politics, but CS Lewis wrote a book called "The Abolition of man" that discusses how to destroy people by messing up the language they think in - I believe that applies in spades when it comes to political-speak. If there is such as thing as satan, he's gotta be laughing his butt off over this sort of pollution of meaning we are experiencing.
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    Principally, I bought my Volt as a statement of support for technology that limits my exposure to sending money to OPEC. I don't think that rationale puts me anywhere in particular on the presented spectrum.

    I also bought it because it is just stinkin' cool - again, no particular place on the above spectrum. I'd have bought a Fisker instead if I could have afforded it, but I'm stuck with a Volt instead (and my 151 and rising lifetime MPG).
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    Really we bought ours because we wanted fixed cost heading into retirement, with the solar leveling out our energy cost adding the Volts was just logical. The wife is a greenie, couponer, etc. Me I like to keep my money when I can. I certainly don't need to send any to OPEC as my license plate expounds. I like employing Americans.
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    I read an article making a very similar argument in light of the slow sales of the Volt/Leaf, that environmentalists/libs need to put their money where their mouth is. I wish I could find it...

    Living in California, I feel there is definitely something to the anti-domestic car perception amongst my friends (mostly college-educated 20 somethings). I was told by one "I'll have to try to get over my anti-Chevy feelings when your car comes." My guess is that liberals were the quicker to adopt the idea of buying imports when domestic quality slipped, whereas conservatives more likely have the "I've bought Chevy/Ford since forever and if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude. A Berkley grad-student told me probably 3 years ago the the Chevy Volt was just "green-washing" by GM, this after praising the Prius & Toyota. So with the lag of perception, somehow now it's supposedly open-minded to be close-mindedly loyal to imports in many circles.

    Personally, I had basically convinced myself that I was not a candidate for a Volt because I can't charge at home. The unfair, clearly politically-motivated bashing of the Volt by the right probably did harden my support and interest in the the Volt, and EVs in general. I told a work associate about my Volt order and he said "right is right, left is wrong, don't go around being a liberal now" after getting out of his F-150 tuned to Rush Limbaugh.

    TLDR: I plan to have to defend my purchase often, from both liberals and conservatives.

    *this post is filled with generalities and stereotypes. just trying to convey the feeling of the political landscape as opposed to any one person.

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