Canbus amber LEDs for front blinkers
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Thread: Canbus amber LEDs for front blinkers

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    Question Canbus amber LEDs for front blinkers

    Hi all,

    I really want to change my front blinker/parking light bulbs, but don't want to mess with installing in-line resistors to avoid hyper-blinking.

    Does anyone have experience with Canbus LEDs you've installed? Does anyone know anything about these two bulbs available on

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm kinda willing to try out the first set for $20, but not sure I wanna test both sets


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    Thumbs up Use an electronic flasher for LED lamps

    I have replaced every incandescent lamp (except the headlamps) in my 1995 Buick Regal with LED lamps. The flasher would not flash for a turn signal, but the reason was that the original flasher uses a thermal element that depends on the total lamp current to heat up and open the contact, then after a half second of cooling, it would close, and start a new flash cycle. And if one bulb burn open, the flasher would not operate.

    My solution was to buy an electronic flasher that does not depend on the lamp current at all. It uses a small electronic timer "IC" (similar to the NE 555 for those who know) and a power transistor. So it would operate if all the original bulbs were incandescent, LED, or a mixture. The only weak point (which is not that bad) is if a bulb failed, the flasher will continue to operate, so the vehicle owner must test the turn signals often and verify that the lamps (incandescent or LED) are functional.

    The electronic flasher is sold at major auto supplies. Mine was bought at Western Auto, now known as Advanced Auto Parts.
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    From what I've seen, the Volt doesn't have a dedicated flasher for the turn/hazard signals. The Volt's BCM takes care of the flashing and is already electric, but is programmed to detect burned-out bulbs and do the quick-flashing indication. It's also used to flash the individual signals for use in setting the TPMS without using a special tool.
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    Right, I agree with you ... Which means you can't just replace a blinker module with a new one. Also means if I used NON error-free bulbs (non-Canbus bulbs), then I'd have to install an inline resistor ... PITA.

    That said, I may just try a pair (or two) of the Canbus bulbs i found and see what happens


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    Bumping up again since not a lot of activity.

    Still no luck finding 7444 error free bulbs.

    Anyone have experience with this:

    Looks like an easier alternative than trying to fiddle with splicing resistors into the existing wiring harness ... considering the tiny, tiny, tiny amount of space you have to work in


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